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I htink I have the flu.


Last night I went to sleep with a stomach ache, like I had eaten too much Waffle House or something (I didn't). This morning i got up still feeling sick, and I started having bad pains in my legs. I drove to my grandma's (I'm visiting home in FL right now) and was having heart palpitations and massive leg pains on the way on top of a stomach ache. I got to my grandma's and took some Bayer and felt better about 30 minutes later. I ate some lunch and went to my best friend's house.


I ended up falling asleep on her couch and woke up shivering like crazy. The leg pains were back too (about 4 hours after I took Bayer). She took my temp and it was 100.0 degrees. I was freezing but felt clammy, and I ended up throwing up a lot, but just once. I felt ridiculous hot afterward too.


I felt better after throwing up, but the leg pains are still there and I fele a little dizzy (I keep backspacing everything. It's like I cna't grasp the keyboard). I went to a pharmacy and they told me to get Tylenol and anti-nausea stuff. I haven't taken that yet but took tylenol. I'm drinking a lot of water and some gatorade.


I never ever have thrown up just once, so I'm sure I'll do it again (ugh. I'm such a baby when I puke. I cry! I hate it so much). I feel hot right now and my legs still hurt some.


What are some things I can do? Is this the flu?


I'm on vacation and I want to make the most of my time, not laid up in bed trying to feel better. I also don't want to get others sick. My best friend took care of me, gave me water and a towel (she's the absolute best). now I'm back at my friend's where I'm staying and I want to go see another friend, not stay here feeling crappy. I feel a little better but still feel a little dizzy. My stomach is ok though, aside from feeling tense from puking.



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Awwww, crap!!!! I'm so sorry!!! I think I gave you my sick vibes!!


I will be hoping for the best that it's just a 24 hour bug.

Did you fly or drive? If you flew, god knows what you caught


LOTS of fluids, gatorade (I've been buying the stuff in the 64oz bottles and downing it!)... rest up as much as you can.... Awww. I feel so bad, I know ho wmuch you've been looking forward to this trip!!!!!!



Ohh and the food that helps me when I have the stomach flu--Nilla Wafers!!!

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I just found this:

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The common symptoms of the flu include:


* Fever (usually high)

* Headache

* Muscle aches

* Chills

* Extreme tiredness

* Dry cough

* Runny nose may also occur but is more common in children than adults

* Stomach symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, may also occur but are more common in children than adults



Don't have any cold-like symptoms at all. No diarrhea, feel clammy and thirsty (not since I've had gatorade though). Mostly jsut the pains in my legs and feeling sick and some heart palpitations (but that was just for a few minutes around 12 this afternoon).

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Sounds like what has been going around here the past couple of weeks. The achiness(Sp) mostly in chest, right arm and legs has been lasting a few days but the vomiting usually comes and goes within 24 hours. Hope you feel better soon.


yea the pain is in my legs, like behind my knees. it is so uncomfortable. i feel better right now. i want to eat but am hesitant.

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yea the pain is in my legs, like behind my knees. it is so uncomfortable. i feel better right now. i want to eat but am hesitant.


I would try taking some small bites of toast or something simple like that at first, don't take in a huge meal at first, heh. (I learned the hard way.. ICK!)


But if you can get your hands on some toast or saltine crackers, potatoes chips eat a few of them and take small sips of water.

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So I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night. I went to sleep about midnight and woke up just a few minutes ago. I feel 100%tiptop. I woke up and chugged some warm lemon-lime gatorade, though, and that was a mistake, but i don't feel like puking thoguh. Feel a lot better.

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Waffle House sucks!


no way dude. it's so good. i ate it on thursday morning at like 11, so there was no reason for me to feel like i had just eaten it and was sick from it!


i'm feeling a lot better today though, though i haven't eaten much.

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