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Delirium due to anxiety/excitement?

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I am still trying to figure out very hard how come on one day, when a very special person I didn't see since years came to visit me, I was literally out-of-my-mind. I was excited about her being there, while at the same time I also had some negative thoughts about her that I hid from her.


I was conscious of what I did, and while I was there, I thought I was always being myself and acting spontaneously... but retrospectively I think I did many really bizarre things.


The most scary thing is that, while I was with her, I got lost in my own building, and didn't find my own apartment for some time. I took the wrong bus direction. And I also didn't find my way in other places... in the train station, etc.

I know this is strange because

a) among my friends and relatives I am famous for having the best orientation skills, I can get anywhere

b) I worked as a tour guide, so I already knew many of those places


I still don't understand how it happened.


The strangest thing is that I wasn't aware of "not being distracted". I wasn't aware that something was wrong with me.


Additionally, I also said strange things (especially after she initiated kissing, foreplay and sexual activity), very strange things. While I was there, I thought I was doing it consciously... but retrospectively I think I would never do or say such things...

(I said "your parents would be proud of you" while we were making out... that's probably the strangest thing anyone ever told in a romantic setting)


Was I simply too excited that I entered a sort of delirium?


Or could this be something more serious...?

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I deal with anxiety at times, and i think that it can cause some pretty strange things to happen, especially when it's very severe. The situation that you've described does sound a bit surprising. Have you ever felt anxiety/panick to such an extent before or was this all very new to you? Maybe you had been trying to repress your nerves before you saw the person, and then when you finally saw eachother, everything came up to the surface at once. It kind of sounds like you felt outside of yourself for a while (it happens a lot when ppl are really nervous; i've experienced it too). If this happens again and if it worries you, i think you should speak with someone about this.

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