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WHAT does this guy WANT???


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im trying to be friends with this guy because thats what he said he wanted... but it doesnt really look like thats what he REALLY wants, judging how he will flirt with me nonstop one day, and then i wont even hear from him the next 4. and some of the dirty things he says to me...


we will get into little arguments all the time over small things... so i will get annoyed with the whole relationship thing we have and not talk to him for a while and he will be like 'what???' but when i DO talk, (call or text for example), he will take his sweet time answering, if i hear from him at all. and he tries to turn it against me somehow everytime, as if im at fault. thats what i hate the most.


any answers will be greatly appreciated, i dont know what i should do... ive tried dropping him completely but i feel bad after a while... does anyone have any idea what i am to him first of all???


we have a past and im not sure if it makes a difference, but... he was interested and pursued me, but i told him no after a while. he has a new girlfriend now.

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Well, if he's your 'friend' as you say, then neither of you should be obliged to any timeline for getting back to each other. If he has a gf, she will be his priority naturally. If you want to be his friend, treat him like any other friend...but if you want something more, that ship may have sailed from what it sounds like and if you'd rather NOT have a friendship b/c it's boring/painful/torturous....then don't. You don't owe him anything and you don't have to feel bad about not keeping ties with an ex. Friendships with exes are not for everyone.

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