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why did i do this to myself?


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well i've been broken up with my ex now for nearly 3 months, and i've been in no contact.. it was working well, but for some reason, without even thinking about it, i went on facebook, ( i had deleted her for this reason) and i looked and i still had her sister added, well i saw a picture of her being commented on, so i opened it. i stared at the picture, reminded of gorgeous she was and how much i missed her, so of course in curiosity i see about 15-20 guys had commented on how good she looked in this picture. tears start to flow, and now im thinking of her again, i had cut her out of my mind almost for 2 weeks now completely, why did i do this?


well guys heres the question.. is love really better the second time around? i feel as if, not that i won't find love again, but that i won't love them as much as i loved her, what are your opinions on this? has anyone felt the same way and then proved themselves wrong?

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I've definitely felt that I would never love anyone else as much as an ex. But looking back now I know that is not true. The next person you meet may not be the one for you and it might take a while to find someone but you will. And if you and your ex are meant to be together, you will be.

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Yep, and most people who've loved deeply have believed the same thing.


It only makes it more surprising and terrific when a relationship finally does come along that pales everyone else in your past by comparison. (Exes are eXes for a reason.)


It's not likely to be your very next one (that's why they call it a rebound) or maybe not even the next three, but you'll know it when it happens. Hang in there.


In your corner.

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thanks for the support you two.


it is easier everyday but thtas not saying somedays its the hardest thing ever even after 3 months. The things that run through my head also just make it worse, my mind just runs circles going over everything and thinking of she misses me or anything... i don't know what to think, i just wish a nice girl would come along and treat me the way that i deserve to be treated. i treated her too nice i think. i guess not all girls like to be treated well and treated like a princess. maybe sometime ill find one who actually deserves my respect and wont take what they have for granted

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