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Did I Miss A Signal Here?


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Hey all,


As you can see by my last post, I'm currently in LC with the ex. Her dad has been I'll, and I rang her today to see how he's doing. Thankfully he's on the mend.


After asking her that we stayed on the phone for a good 45mins just talking about how things were in lives and what was up. It was like old times with the phone spark still there. We both make each other laugh and always have plenty to talk about.


She happened to mention that she wasn't going to see her dad this weekend as its his birthday next weekend, and that sh didnt really have any play. Sh didnt go so far as to ask what I'm up to (although funnily enough she did ask if I was seeing a mate this weekend) but after getting off the phone it mad me think if she was giving me a signal to invite her out.


Anyone agree/disagree? Did I mess a trick here?

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