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sex ed me plz


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ok so its my first time is very shortly approaching, i assume, but we are in love so its safe to assume. thats not the issue, the issue is i want to be good, i mean more than good cuz its not his first time so please help me out. i need detailed replies here on EVERYTHING - the prep, the before, the during, the after - very intimate details, i dont really care about how enjoyable i find it as long as he does really, so any advice, tips, warnings even what if situations i need to hear them. cept not bout stds or protection cuz im fully prepped on that.

thanks please reply.


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Your first time will be good - but because it is your first time. He will think it's great cause...he is having sex...with a girl. Nothing else could make it better.


Let nature take over and realize you won't be having mind blowing sex your first time. Throw technique or analyzing what you are doing out the window for your first time (boring). Just enjoy

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cuz if its gud for him den im happy n its gud for me?


My advise - if it's good for him, that's nice. That doesn't make it good for you. Get in the habit of having sex you enjoy and making sure you get it so you enjoy it.


Experiment and don't treat it as something that is all about him.


The only thing worse than sex that isn't doing it for you is sex makes you unhappy.

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First off your attitude is all wrong.

Sure, it's great to put his pleasure way up there but considering it's YOUR first time you've got much more to worry about than pleasuring him.


Go slow. Use a rubber (unless you've both been tested). Have fun.


I'm not going to give you details because to each their own. You've got to figure this out! He'll carry his own weight and should be able to guide you. Do you somehow think you should be assuming all responsibility for bedding him when really you're both going to bed together?


Everyone has sex bloopers... so if you 2 have them and you really care about eachother you'll laugh in its face.

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You MUST be a virgin if you think his pleasure will make it good for you! No way! Get yours, girl! Sex is physical, and it's great. Love is mental and is what happens outside of the bedroom. Stick to the physical and you'll have a good time. Get mushy outside of sex. Men do that and they always enjoy it. I learned how, and now I always enjoy it. I love my bf, but I don't think of that when I'm having sex.

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