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Weird facial rash

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I have tiny little bumps on my forehead and beside my nose/underneath my eyes. They're not itchy nor do they hurt, but it's really annoying and feels gross. The only thing I can think of is that I was wearing a paintball mask on Saturday and Sunday for 2 plus hours each day. I've been wearing the same makeup, using the same cleansers and moisturizer that I always do...


Does anyone know what the lining (the squishy part) of ski masks/paintball masks is made of?

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Are they tiny tiny bumps that feel kind of like grit under the skin? I had a rash like that last summer, and after a doctor incorrectly told me it was rosacea, we decided it was probably some bed-bug type bite that had become infected (I looked like quasimodo). I had to take antibiotics for the infection which meant they went away, but I should think if the area isn't huge red and puffy you have nothing to worry about, and they should go away in time. Try putting on some insect bite cream just to help it along its way if you're worried.



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