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  1. As long as it's not going in anywhere, or touching any particularly sensitive skin, you're ok. It's a bit tricky to get the knack of and so unnattractive sitting in the bathroom with your legs spread waiting for it to do its work. But you can do it!
  2. There are a load, they do have a smell, but it's not that bad and it doesn't linger! Honestly, it's not a horrible smell, just a sort of...I dunno, cosmetic smells I guess? You have to wash the area afterwards anyway, to make sure there isn't any cream left on your body, so if you hate it that much, you can wash the smell away instantly. I vary between Veet and own brand stuff from places like Superdrug or Boots. If you go for Veet, don't get the stuff that 'stays in in the shower' cause it don't. It's just more expensive, lol
  3. Have you considered using deploratory creams? I always had the same problem as you, alongside major itchiness when it was growing back, so now I use cream. It's gonna me more expensive, but lasts longer, doesn't give you razor burn or acne, and doesn't itch like a madman when it grows back. I think you should give it a go, and if it's not your thing, then ok, but if it is, you've saved yourself many potential nicks and cuts in places you do NOT want nicks or cuts. x
  4. LOVE IT! One of the things I missed most when single. I absolutely love it.
  5. Yeah...or eyes. Which can be difficult to take note of when you're eye level with his hips. Keeps me trying harder though, I'm determined to make it impossible for him to stay so quiet!!
  6. My boyfriend and I have built up a repertoire of kisses now, mostly just for fun, but the fact that they're so fun makes everything about our relationship *lovely*. Like...movie kisses, where you do the big old passionate hard kiss on the mouth. Or delayed noise kisses LOL. Kisses where we don't purse our lips at all, literally just press our faces together. Cracks me up when he snogs my nose Or through the covers. Ah...good times!!!
  7. I like it. I'm not sure why...my jaw aches like no man's business during/slash after, but it's just so good! I guess hearing my boyfriend is a big part of what I like about it, and feeling his legs (amongst other things) twitching and knowing that when he stops me and we actually have sex I know that he couldn't want me more than right then.
  8. I'm really jealous of you guys! My ex ex (the one I still get along with really well) did something very simple, but it made me cry cause I was so happy. He wrote out the chorus to our song, stuck it to a bit of card and hid it under my pillow one day when he was over. We went out straight after that, so it wasn't until I went to bed and put my hand under the pillow that I found it. It was so lovely.
  9. Snail trails own. I don't think I'd like no hair at all...would make you seem too young. Plus you know...stubble.
  10. I understand what that must feel like. What does your nan think of all this? Maybe if you feel odd taking the money and spending it, you could take it and put it into an account somewhere you can't reach, and don't use any of it until your nan does pass away, then it won't feel like so much of a betrayal?
  11. Take a test before you get too worked up, you don't want to panic over nothing. I had a similar situation...had sex a week before he dumped me. I'd just changed pill and wasn't sure what the deal was there, and I wasn't sure if all the stress of the break up was causing me to go a bit mental. I took two tests, and they were negative. So take a test, and if it it is positive, then discuss it with him. Good luck xx
  12. I used Vaseline derma-care (note - NOT vaseline) as recommended by my tattoo artist. I had cling film rather than a bandage and I kept that on for about...4/5 hours? Mine is on my hip, so no shaving, definitely do not shave after. It is ridiculously tempting to pick, but don't! Mine is quite small, so must of it just sort of crumbled away, or transferred itself to my underwear cause it was too low even for my lowest riders! I'm contemplating another one. My parents don't know about the one I have, so I may tell them I'm getting two done and then show them both. Will probably wait until I'm away at uni, so it can be healed by the time they see it. Maybe.
  13. I dreamt about my ex a lot right after we broke up. A couple of times where he was doing things to hurt me, saying he'd cheated blah blah blah. Then I had dreams where it was *him* but it wasn't him, and things were dandy. One even had our first kiss in it (it wasn't my first kiss, but definitely the best ever so I remember how it felt). Most recently though, even after I was feeling good, not wanting to be with him at all anymore, I had a dream where we were being us at the beginning of the relationship. It made me really sad when I woke up because I lost all that amazingness so quickly.
  14. I used to have a flatmate who sounds very like you boyfriend. Anything any of us said...she had a story that was better. Once another flatmate was saying how she'd been snowed in on a coach in Scotland, unable to get the ferry back to Northern Ireland until the next day. This flatmate (who lives in Aberdeen and thinks she's the world expert on the Scottish) said "Well I was once snowed in my house. It was so much worse" "How could it possibly be worse? She only had the clothes she was wearing, no heating, and nothing to do. You had all the clothes you own, heating and tv, food..." "Yeah, but there was NOTHING on tv and the heating is rubbish" She wouldn't back down. Once also said to a friend whose mother had had to move into a women's hostel "I'm so much more depressed than you" because she'd had an argument with her boyfriend. Once also said she was going to kick my friend's head off her shoulders. The thing with people like this is...although they drive you *insane* it's not malicious. Thye just don't comprehend that there are things other than themselves...that people might not want to know about them, that not everything is a competition. I'm not sure what I can suggest about your boyfriend, because it's obviously a different relationship to the one I had with my flatmate. I just did my best to avoid her, because when she said anything that annoyed me, I'd just blow up. Personally...I don't know if I could stay with someone who never asked about my day, even after I'd said it had been rubbish. Could be a sign of what's to come.
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