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  1. 2K???!!! That's a lot! But money is just money and if you can spend it on something that makes you happy then it was money well spent.
  2. Ok thanks! I love good pictures for my background on my computer. And you have some really good pictures Bad Wolf! roflmao!!! That cracked me up!
  3. Can I use it as my background on my computer? I always like to ask before I do. It's so beautiful! I wish I could take pictures like that!
  4. I love those pictures Bad Wolf! The first one is my favorite! So beautiful.
  5. Those are awesome Bad Wolf! I love taking pictures but I need to get good batteries that don't die so fast for my camera. I bought rechargeable ones but they are horrible
  6. Awww, birds are so adorable. I love birds. You have some really nice pictures of them Bad Wolf
  7. Cool! Thanks! Yeah that would be awesome if I could use the bigger version.
  8. That's beautiful Bad Wolf! Can I use it as my background on my computer?
  9. Cool! I have to admit though I had to look it up. It says it is spotted in New Zealand hence why I didn't know about it I guess. :splat:
  10. Love the photos Bad Wolf! That is so cool to see how the stars moved.
  11. Yeah I would always handle them from the time they hatched so they would be nice and tame. I have had my fair share of bird bites though. If I acted like it didn't bother me (gloves work great to lol) the bird gives up and that is when I would comfort it showing it there was nothing to be scared of. Do this multiple times and eventually an untamed bird is a tame one.
  12. ^^^ I love cockatiels! I used to breed them, they are so much fun.
  13. OWB I love this! Very well worded. I think I will keep this, if you don't mind, as a reminder of who I want to become.
  14. The right girl will come along for you. Sometimes it is longer then we want to wait but it will happen, and will be worth the wait. And if you don't want anything but a casual relationship that can still be a goal to aim for. Heal yourself inside and then you will be ready for something more to happen in your life. It's ok, I know you didn't mean it and were just making a small joke. My husband is just a jerk. See I didn't find the right person either. Sometimes it takes time.
  15. Not all girls are psycho, there are good ones out there. But before this you need to work on you. Use having a relationship as a goal to aim for. Remember you are your own worst critic. I bet you aren't unattractive but to yourself you are. I have seen the Bad Seed, loved that movie. Very good. I am just trudging through tonight, not ok but just doing. I would never say any situation is worse then another as we all feel the same depression as each other, right? It's all difficult to get through. Getting laid? That made me chuckle. My husband forces himself on me so yes in a way I get laid but don't want it. So true
  16. Mr Zombie how are you doing tonight? I like watching independent movies also. Everyone always groans at me when I rent them. I have Blockbuster Online (much like Netflix) and rent tons of them from there. I agree with System Crash about how to take the reins in your life towards feeling better about yourself. All except the part about unattractive guys don't get good looking girls. You should see my husbands looks and then mine. It IS all in the personality, self esteem and being positive.
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