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Alway's want what you can't have ...


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Does anyone recognize this? I'll try and explain:

Talked to a Man (let's call him: Matt) online. exchanged lot's of e-mails and talked online for hours. Such a funny guy, at times he had me rolling over the floor with laughter. After 2 weeks we met i.r.l. We had a blast!!! He became flirty with me, sometimes slightly touching me. He really showed and told he was interested in me. For example. He had his dog with him. His dog was following me everywhere. He said: well I have a clever dog, he knows my taste.


I liked him and told him so buttt... somewhere downside I was not feeling it yet. I kept that for myself... because I have to get to know someone better to let these feelings grow. And yes I liked him that much to give it a chance. So at end of the date I told him I hoped to see him again. I gave him a short sweet kiss and then hold back. I could tell he expected a longer kiss but well I left it with that. Said that I would see him soon again ...

After that date, I got textmessage that he really enjoyed our date, hope to speak to me soon and that he thought I was such a nice and beautifull girl.

I replied back in same kind of manner.

Next day I got an e-mail of him with some pictures he took and some sweet comments.


And then fast forward 9 hours. He comes online and sais, I have to tell you something, let me call you. He said that recently he got in touch with his ex gf again. She was still very much in love with him. They were going of and on in relationship for a few years ... but never worked out for some reason.

And he said ... well my heart is weak, and talked to her that afternoon. First with intention to tell her that he met someone else but after a few hours of talking he changed his mind and well bottom line: He chooses to rekindle with her. I wished him good luck and wished him a good future and thanking him for honousty and nevertherless great date. I got the 'friend-line' ofcourse but I'm not paying to much attention to that.


He has my respect to be open and honoust about this. But nowwww I want what I can't have ... that feeling, at first I wasn't even that enthusiastic and now I feel so so rejected that I can't stop thinking about him. Blehhh, and that's not the first time I have been feeling this way after rejection.

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Hey dondertje


I agree with Annie! Also, how lame of him to start seeing someone and then immediately start talking to an ex? As if he first needed a bit of confidence before talking to the ex. Well, just stick to your original (non-)feeling and be happy that you didn't do more than giving him a small kiss. Next!

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Dankje Arwen


Thanks for replies!! Well just a few minutes ago I got the kicker. And I'm freed of the feeling of rejection. I blocked him on my messenger a few days ago and now I got an e-mail if we could please stay friends because he didn't know if it was going to work out with ex...

He did feel there was chemistry between us so we might have had a false start... and he wanted to leave the option open if things didn't work out with ex.


Well knowing this coming from a 38 year old guy .... Duh, thanks but no!!

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Believe me, you don't want to be with someone who has that much baggage. It's just asking for trouble! Thankfully, he revealed his weakness before your heart became invested in the deal ... otherwise, you'd be going through hell with grief and loss, instead of merely longing for something that might have been.

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