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I hate working in an office!


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So I started a brand new job this week....great benefits, potential for me not only to move up and advance here but to better my education through where I work (they will pay for me to go to school to get my Bachelors Degree) - only thing is, I find myself completely miserable here. I have been working in office jobs since I was 19 (I am now 26) - so really, not that long. But long enough to know I really hate it. To be honest I never really knew what else to do, I've always done admin. work so I just kept going with it, and I majored in Business Administration.

It hasnt been a bad first week, but it hasnt been great either. I am exhausted, I am sick and tired of meeting new people every single day, sick of having to converse with total strangers all day long. I run out of things to say, I feel like I just want to be by myself half the time. I feel like I dont fit in with anyone there, granted its only my first week, but it takes me awhile to open up to people. I'm not some anti social freak but I'm on the quite side and shy by nature so this has been kind of a draining week for me. Every other day I have had to go to meetings with 20-30 people I dont even know. I always do better with one-on-one or a few people. In the past my old jobs always involved only working with the same 6 or 7 people everyday and now its like hundreds of them.


I just feel trapped. I can keep bouncing around to differnt jobs. I feel like I should be thankful I have this job...I really am lucky I got it. Out of hundreds of applicants they only interviewed three including me, and I am the one who got it. Its a great opportunity for my career. And yet I am miserable. I leave there and think what the f*ck am I doing with my life, I hate this. Going back to school for something else just is not an option right now, I am already paying back two student loans and I have to work full time to pay my bills, have health insurance etc so I cant add anymore loans on.


I dont really know where I'm going with this...I think more than anything I just want to vent to whoever happens to read this post. I'm wondering if anyone else out there feels this way about working in an office. It just depresses me. I hate the cubicles, the white walls, the monotony of it all, the b*tchy office women who talk about everyone and cause nothing but drama, and I hate the token 'birthday party' where someone brings in a cake and they all hand out pieces of cake and we just stand around and pretend like we give a crap. I hate the boring meetings and the fake small talk, where you can't really be yourself or share a whole lot because it gets repeated anyways. Or the whispering over the next cubicle when you hear your name and you wonder if and WHY their talking about you, like you aren't RIGHT THERE. Its the same everywhere, I really thought this place would be different but of course, it is not.

I am aware that I sound horribly negative right now. I hope this post doesnt sound totally off the wall. I need to vent.

I know its only my first week, obviously I've got to give it some time. I know so many people who work in offices and they are completely happy, they love it. They love their jobs! So the problem is me. I'm either blowing things way out of proportion or I am just going against what I'm really meant to do. Maybe a little of both.


Thanks for whoever is reading this, if you've read all the way to here I commend you for your patience. =)

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I've worked in one office like that, otherwise, on the whole I've worked with smart, ambitious, dedicated people, always managed to find a few people I really clicked with, stayed away from the gossipy ones and it got much better when I didn't need the office to be part of my social life. I've worked in 7 large offices and a few smaller ones.

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I have worked in offices on and off for about 15 years now. I used to do it full time and now I only do it summers when I do not teach. After being in a classroom, I find it kind of dull and boring. I like action and people, I guess I'm a bit different from you. Don't worry though, soon enough you will be "one of the guys" so to speak, and will look forward to seeing all of your friends and acquaintances every day. Give it time.

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I am just going against what I'm really meant to do.


I think that's exactly it. I hated my job but not working in an office, after becoming a realtor I realized I loved the regular hours of the office enviornment. There are positions that don't require you to spend so much time in an office like setting, start training for one in your spare time.

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I'd love to work in an office. Maybe you should get a part time job in retail or as a dishwasher or cook somewhere and the office work won't seem sad bad anymore.


Just a suggestion - you know the little things you might get. Like being able to take proper lunch breaks, and indoors, sitting down just think about it.


Or maybe you'll make the change where I work everyone hates everyone apart from the staff members. Everyone gets along great and we're all really good work friends. No back stabbing of staff when there are plenty of managers to complain about.

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