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The new normality....


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well on Saturday it will be 4 weeks since it all ended and i feel as bruised now as the day it happened


the one thing that is so overwhelming is how much of a HUGE gap he has left in my life...massive


i miss him- i know he was wrong but i miss him


i guess what i cant get my head around is...how to you fill that gap? i mean i have alot of friends..close family and a great job and i always had my own life outside of him so why is this SO HARD????


i still feel so EMPTY- i have a constant lump in my throat and stomach ache

i miss him i miss having him in my life.


when does that all go?


i cant really shake up my routine too much or move or anything so theres associations everywhere and i just feel like some one took one of my limbs away and expects me to carry on as normal and get on without it


how can someone walk away after 2 and a half years without leaving a scene of devastation behind?


how do you strive for a new normality when someone was so intertwined in your life?


im so sorry to moan


the ultimate irony- i am part of the editorial team for a very successful womens magazine...all day i edit features and write features helping women and advising women on their lives, love lives, problems etc yet i cant sort out my own life and mess!





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Yeah ...I know i wonder around the city like a Zombie for two months now ...


I know the feeling ....can't seem to shake her from my head .......


THE BIG VOID ......and the weekends are the hardest knowing now that they have moved on without us .....and maybe are with someone else .......because they sure are not with us anymore.......I think that is what hurts the most.


May we find some peace real soon ....its killing me .....it eats me us inside everyday.


I miss her

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Hi hun


I feel you darling but try to be a bit more patient with yourself. There will be a huge void at the start and that is only natural. But slowly and surely the void will begin to fill with other things that will take your mind off him.


You know though that you need to carry on reminding yourself how pants your relationship was. How poorly he treated you.


It is so easy to give great advice on other peoples relationships - but when your head is stuck in there it can be a real mare!


But you ARE doing well - it is ONLY 4 weeks so don't forget - be kind to yourself. You will get there. Keep listening to that upbeat music (love your choices by the way!).



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what i try to do is stay as busy i can..meet as many as you can meet..there alot of wonderful people out there..and most of all realize how the other person did you wrong..all the bad things they did and how it ended for a reason..i dont know your particular story but if he ended it, just think..y cry over someone who wanted to leave you.its his loss

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i hope it gets easier-i really really do-so badly want it to.


so i go away in 30 minutes for just over a week with some family. some rest and relaxation-much needed.


will miss you guys on the forum-wish i had a computer with me for those freak out moments and to talk to you guys and help out too.


i really really hope this gets easier


thankyou to all of you and i'll be back in a week


take care guys!



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Pretend you're the person you want to be and soon enough, you will be.


Pretend it doesn't hurt. Pretend you're over him. Pretend you're having a good time.


In the meantime, make a list (write it down) of all the things you won't miss about him. Make another list of all the things you're looking forward to now that you're not with him.


Try to find a copy of the (dated, but still fun) book The Best Revenge Is Looking Good and prepare for the "eat your heart out" moment that's sure to come one day.


IMPORTANT: Make a vow to never, never, never leave your house without looking fabulous. That "eat your heart out" moment could happen any time, anywhere, and you want to be ready for it. Yesterday I was having lunch at a window table in a restaurant near the clinic my former lover owns and he walked by to get the mail (as if I didn't know he always gets the mail himself and that he didn't walk by the restaurant twice a day). We casually waved as he was going to the post office. On the way back, I swear his neck was hyperextended to get a better look at me. It was fabulous. I dumped him, but I still want him to suffer for lying to me.

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