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Tongue gone bad

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I have just made a discovery and not a very positive one.


I had my tongue pierced when I was 17, everything was good. No infection took good care of it, never had any problems.


Now 23, have been drinking a bit heavy for the last week and half and have found my tongue sore and swollen in the morning. Today during my lunch time I took my tongue ring out to see why it was so sore. There is the smooth sore bump right by the hole and immediately thick yellow puss basically poured out of the hole(sorry for the discription it makes me cringe to read this). I immediately threw out my tongue ring and gargled with salt water.


Can anyone tell me what the bump is? I know I have to go to the doctor but as I was looking up what it could be on the internet I found so many cases of brain infection and heart issues related to untreated tongue infections.



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It sounds like it might be a boil or abscess (staph infection).


Yes, any big infection in the mouth should probably be treated with antibiotics because it is close to the heart and the bacteria can get carried to your heart and you don't want to get a heart infection.


Go to the Dr. today and get some antibiotics.

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All I can say is this just sucks I've gone 6 years without any issue. 6YEARS!!! like this isn't supposed to happen after that long. And it was just out of the blue, tongue a bit sore then few weeks later boom, it looks and feels like a blown out infection of the piercing. I just don't get it.


I don't mind that I have to take it out but man I would rather have it been a choice not because I never ever want to see yellow puss coming out of my tongue again.

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I doubt it will be anything to worry about but if you want to keep your piercing then put the jewellery back in asap because tongue piercings close up very quickly. Mine closed up within a couple of hours and I had to get it re-pierced. Tongue piercing infections can be random, often they are caused by bacteria entering the piercing, and this really can't be helped. So first try to put the jewellery back in, then go to your doctor to get it checked out. Also, aspirin is usually good for oral infections. And if possible, get a medicated mouthwash such as Oraldene to clean out the infection.

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