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I mess everything up!


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My girlfriend (of two months) and I made plans for this Sunday. This saturday is my brother's birthday, so I wanted to spend some time with him and then later on in the night I was going to go out with friends from work, which I haven't done in a while. So today I call my girl and after we get off the phone, I get back to work and for some stupid, insecure, dumb reason I text her, "why don't we change the plans for tomorrow (sat) instead?" she texted me back, "why?" and shortly after, "ok, no problem, just let me know what time we're meeting".....again, I am not sure why I changed the plans, but I actually want to hang out with my friends! I love hanging out with her, but I just haven't seen my friends in a while. Is there a good way out of this without making her feel liek I am playing around by changing the dates around so much?

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Yeah what he said..Just DONT make a habit of it. They NEVER forget..ever. And when you do hangout w/ her be extra affectionate..she'll see right through you because she knows you know u messed up, but she'll recognize that you're at least TRYING to make it up to her. Its all a part of the game of love.


If you leave it up to her to pick where to hang out, BEWARE of the shoe store, lol..Be prepared to bring a PSP along w/ you, haha. I "rescheduled" one time, and was forced to sit in Macys for 3 hrs to keep her happy...](*,)


Lets just say I beat Madden..TWICE..

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