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I'm scared. Fearful, wanting to cry.worried.




God, please quell my fears. Don't let my fears come true. please don't.


it has never been like this.


why? what have I done now?


panic arises.


fears abound


what have I done?


god please, don't abandon me now.


please give me comfort, peace, solace.


heart aflutter. panic abounds. tears fall.

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Hi Ren


You might like to try the following.

• Close your eyes and imagine your mind is focused on something peaceful.

• Say ‘peace, calm, relax’ slowly to yourself.

• Imagine a place that you find relaxing. See or feel the shapes, colours, smells, sounds, and temperature in your mind’s eye.

• You might like to listen to some music that helps you relax mentally and physically.

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I can feel like that from time to time and I tell myself to "STOP!" People will live if you discomfit them from time to time, but you will harm yourself if you keep on like this. You should show the same sensitivity to yourself as you do to others. Everyone offends someone once in awhile and the world keeps turning, doesn't it?

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No, I haven't seen a therapist. Been trying to take care of things on my own, by getting out there, doing things, getting involved in extracurriculars.


I am extra-sensitive to people and whether I offend them or not. Mainly because I like keeping people in my life. I fear being abandoned so much, that I constantly hyperanalyze how I deal with people and weather my actions offended them or not. I'm like that at work too.


I just tried to give one of my piggies a hug and accidentally dropped her on her back


She was wriggling all over the place and wriggled out of my hand. I checked her over to make sure she is ok. She seems ok. I hope so. The piggies help calm me down.

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I panic a lot because I am afraid.


Afraid of losing things that mean a lot to me.


It didn't help that T was being a jerk with me on Thurs about some of his personal issues. I take things to heart too much.


I do do things to improve my life, like getting involved with SCA and also taking that pottery class, which I will continue after July 4th weekend. Those things bring me some joy. People bring me joy too.


I want to improve my life on my own. It is better that way.

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Why is it 'better' to improve your life on your own? I think we all need help sometimes. I think that while ultimately you are doing the work, having someone to guide you can't hurt. At this point, why not?


Maybe in the case of T the problem isn't that you take things too much to heart. Maybe the problem is that he is abusive and unkind, often. Why turn that into a flaw that YOU have, as opposed to a flaw that he has? Your only mistake is continuing to allow him to abuse you.

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