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We all have reasons why our relationships ended and some may not know why.... Tell why you think your relationship did not work?


He was a stalker, or so my mother and friends put it. He was just very unhealthy.


Like, he was a very controlling person, and he didn't like it when I hung out with just my friends. Whenever I tried to break up with him (5th time was the charm), he'd cry to make me stay because he knew I'd give in. We had many large arguments. My friends and parents told me for months that he wasn't good for me, and yet I still made excuses for him.


In the final argument we had, it was about me going to 'E-scape' with my friends without him. When he said 'Well, you can either go with them and invite me along, OR you can not go and go to my house with me insitead..', I snapped. I was very calm about it, but I knew I was done.


We eventualy had to call the cops because he opened my window and tried getting in, and was calling repeatedly, ect. It's sad how I wasn't really scared when he was doing this. I had just grown used to making excuses for him.


And it's a real shame that I kind of miss him. =(

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Why that really is the question. I never did get an answer. I wish it was a fight but we never fought. At the end things were at the best they had been in a long time. She was really starting to open up. There was a time in our relationship when I could have expected it, but was totally unprepared when it happened. I'm left guessing what ended it but feel pretty sure it was feelings she still had for an ex.

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How many days do you have???


Generally, my ex was just an ass. He's short, and insecure, and I'm pretty sure he has some nasty relationship issues left over from his parents nasty divorce when he was a kid. He's incredibly selfish. He flips out when held accountable for anything he has done, said, etc. He told me a horrible lie. He forwarded my personal emails to his friends with less than kind comments about me and my "insecurities." He is an image-obsessed ego maniac. He owns a flat-iron and actually uses on his hair...most often when he's getting ready to put on his his rinestone-emblazoned Christian Audigier shirt. He seems like he feels threatened by me a lot, and responds by trying to make me feel less than all the time. He threatened to break up with me every time we disagreed, which made me pretty insecure about the relationship. He has admitted serious issues with emotional vulnerability, which made me feel pushed away and unloved. He would never talk to me about any issues we had in our relationship...i begged and pleaded for us to talk about our issues, he responded with "I don't really have anything to say about it right now." He broke up with me (after a very serious 1.5 year relationship) over the phone. Oh yeah, and on one bad night, when he was being especially inconsiderate and a grade A jerk, I slapped him in a bar. He told me he would never forgive me and he needed to be done with me. Ah, the fragile male ego...


Those are just the ones that sum it up quickly. I really could go on for days about this guy and his issues...

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Fear, her not communicating her feelings.


Never letting on she was unhappy with me.


Playing along for a YEAR that everything was fine


Fear of intimacy, getting too close made her run


Let her past get in our way


fear of working through old hurts


Numb. Emotionally repressed, detached from her feelings


Thinks starting fresh with someone else will change anything

Won't get help or even ask girlfriends for advice.

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We all have reasons why our relationships ended and some may not know why.... Tell why you think your relationship did not work?


Because she is the worst type of woman - one that misrepresents herself. She had me fooled and tricked into believing she was something she isnt. When eventually it all came tumbling down i saw her for what she is - a manipulative, selfish, lying, man-hating witch.


So the short answer is, i picked the wrong woman. I excercised poor judgement at the get go.

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Hmm, lots of reasons. In some ways we were so alike, we were both very strong minded people. However, in other ways we were very different. He would be SO open, honest and touchy feely ALL the time and wanted the same in return. He couldn't deal with the fact that sometimes, I just wanted to keep my emotions private. This was a big deal to him. He would constantly ask how I was feeling about things,while this was nice at first, it did get a bit wearing towards the end.


Oh, and another reason why we finished, he found someone else!!!!

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i gave 100% of myself and love to her and got nothing of her back

strangely enough she broke up with me, it was the week after i told her that i do not feel loved in the realtionship

she promised to try and improve but instead called it quits and dumped me and is currently seeing someone else within a month of breaking up with me


oh and she broke up with me on msn, how cowardly is that. her breaking up with me is a blessing as it turns out.

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