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  1. I’ve tried to get her to speak to somebody about post natal depression and she refuses. She always says that she’s fine, but I know she’s not. Yes, I am a very active father. I would say I take care of my daughter more than my wife does. Not saying she’s a bad parent, but I do a lot. My wife has back problems so a lot of the time I am doing the physical activity and being with her more so than her. We have not sought therapy, although I have suggested it countless times. She is one of those people that internalizes everything and doesn’t think it helps. She also says that we have n
  2. I’ve been with my wife for about 6 years. We have a beautiful daughter that is a year old. She is the light of my life, and my real reason for getting up everyday. My marriage has gone so downhill in the past year. It’s not even a marriage, it’s a joke. We fight and bicker everyday about the dumbest things. We’ve had a lot of money issues lately which doesn’t help. We’ve had sex one time in the past year, and any time I’ve initiated anything she’s rejected it. The worst part is the abuse that I’ve endured. This wasn’t a thing until this past year. If things go south and we argue she hit
  3. I try to offer her these options all the time but she usually isn't very receptive. She gives up very easily, which makes the situation 10 times more frustrating. It's like no matter what I say it just won't get better. She has her moments when she's great and other times when she's just in a terrible mood. Lately it's been more of the latter, and I'm getting really fed up with it.
  4. Yes, I ask her all the time, and she comes back with things like: "I'm fat, ugly stupid, insecure" etc... Then I try to reassure her that I'm fine with who she is but she doesn't believe it. It never ends.
  5. Well she's had self-esteem issues since I've known her. She basically hates herself.
  6. What the hell do you say back to that? I hate when she says that, and it's been coming up more and more lately.
  7. Sorry to hear it man. You'll find someone for you soon enough. It just takes time.
  8. I've had this exact same problem my entire life. Lately I've worked on it and have improved slightly, but I still run into the same issues every now and then. With good friends, I have no problem talking or being stupid/random. But around people I don't know well it's just extremely awkward and uncomfortable. I hate it.
  9. Talk to your boyfriend about it. Seriously. Don't dig in deeper with this guy because it will just be a mess.
  10. I do but not very often, and I usually don't cum from masturbating either. Maybe that's a problem? I did one time, but it was with my ex. My current gf went down on me for at least an hour and I felt myself about to cum a couple times but it just never happened.
  11. No, it's nothing like that. I just can't cum when she does it. I don't know why. It feels EXCELLENT, but the only thing that makes me cum is her vagina.
  12. Sounds like she's shy. There's no reason why you can't suggest her meeting you around your area. If she likes you she will do it.
  13. I can't get off during blowjobs. They feel great, and my gf does a great job, but she doesn't believe it because I can never cum when she gives them to me. She always wants me to blow a load in her mouth and even tried giving me road head tonight, but it just didn't work. The only time I ever cum is when we have intercourse. I feel like I leave her disappointed. Does anyone else have this problem?
  14. We've been dating a month. I always just thought that boyfriends and girlfriends always talked for hours a night and never ran out of things to say. Still, I'd like to talk more to her because I feel like I'm being too quiet.
  15. I ended up getting my girlfriend flowers, candy, and I made her a necklace. Nothing too big but still good. She made me a ton of cookies and a frame with our picture in it together. Then at the bottom of the bag I saw something else...and it was 2 condoms. We're waiting for marriage but she got them as a gag gift. I couldn't stop laughing after I saw them.
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