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Hmmm, where do I start.


Well I'm 33 and been going out with my current girlfriend for the last 4-5 years, we originally moved from the U.K. to Australia, basically meet her while I was waiting for my visa to be granted ,etc.


Anyway, all is not right in the relationship, we dont really act like a couple anymore and there are other issues.....kids, I would really like a family (she would as well) but she has PCOS which basically causes women problems plus she is over 100Kg's, I've been supportive over the last few years while she tries various diets, etc. but its the second time that she has started a programme which is successive, spends a few months on it and starts to shed a kg each week and then later stops it, it feels like deja vu.


There are various reasons for stopping, changing jobs, parents visiting, etc.


I do feel sorry for her but I'm getting to a position that I'm questioning myself about the relationship, I feel like I'm wasting my time and I'm not getting any younger.


If we do break up, its not going to easier either.


I dream of living like a normal 33 (34 this year) person, marriaged, kids and house.

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You have to accept her as she is, and love her as she is. If you don't, then there's no point.


People are not like fixer upper houses. Never marry thinking the person will change, because usually it is not for the best.


You really don't sound like you are enthusiastic about her at all. If you aren't, then set both yourself and herself free.

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You don't really seem into her at all.


My ex always wanted me to change, lose weight, get breast implants, dress differently, I felt like a little puppet.


It made me very resentful towards him, especially being that he is ugly, short, and mean, so he shouldn't have set those goals for me.


That said, now I can find someone who loves me for me, perhaps you should allow her to do so the same.

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