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Hey guys......I caved in tonight and looked at my ex gf's facebook. We broke up in February and 3 weeks later she had a new bf who just graduated high school last week. We had dated for 2.5 years. I am 21 and she is about to be 20.


I saw where she was commenting to him......and she is saying the exact same words she said to me 4 months ago to him now. Word for word. Talking about how she wants him to be the guy she marries, how much she loves him, how glad she is with him, etc.


I just see how immature and stupid she is now and I think it has helped me to move on. So, yeah at times I get sad because I don't have someone to be with now, but after NC, I see how much she wanted me to change to someone I wasnt, how needy she was, and how I don't think she's ever gonna be truly happy if she keeps going the way she is now.


Just had to get that out!

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It does get me down from time to time because I wanted to really work things out with her.........but just the way she acted the last month of our relationship and after just made me angry. She started distancing herself and was staying out late at night with "friends" without calling me like she normally would. But she was also acting like nothing was wrong at times. She eventually started picking at every little thing I did and got mad because I wouldn't dump her so she wouldn't feel bad. She never admitted it, but you could tell.


A week after she dumps me, she calls and wants me to be her friend and she got mad when I told her no. 3 days after she broke up with me, she tried to get my best friend to start dating her. He turned her down, so she went to the next guy who would go out with any girl that asked him, and now she says shes happier than she's ever been. SOOOOOO glad I don't have to put up with her crap anymore!

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That is definitely how my relationship ended, except the fact that she still called me and didn't hang out with friends. Glad you're holding up decently well. It's been over a month since I've broke up with my girlfriend and haven't spoken to her since. I had the same problem trying to see her facebook, but it got to the point where I'm still healing to the point where if I see something it'll just bring me back to step one.

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