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is is normal...?


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Hi there! I guess it depends what kind of sex you are having. I would think that "normal" vaginal intercourse would not usually result in this, but your own particular anatomy etc might mean this happens.


Do you feel yourself release your bowels during sex? How do you know this is happening?

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hmmmm.... are you sure he is not thrusting in the wrong place?


if you know he is thrusting in your vagina and avoiding your rectum, do you have trouble with loose bowels or too liquid stool such that it would ooze out during sex (sorry don't mean to be gross).


if your bowels are too loose such that you get easy leakage, perhaps you should consult a doctor....

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You know, if you stick your finger in a jar of peanut butter, chances are the finger comes out with peanut butter on it, especially in the cracks, like under the nails.


If you stick your penis in the rectum, where feces are stored, chances are your penis comes out with fecal matter on it, especially in the cracks. If you've had an enema, there will be less, but it's still important to cleanse both before and after anal sex.


Why before? Because the anus has thinner walls than the vagina. It's not as tough and not intended as a receptacle for outside stuff and so it's a little more suspectible to infection (e.g., HIV).


Why after? Well, that should be obvious. Feces are full of bacteria. Even if you can't see feces on the penis, the bacteria are there.

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some guys will do it without one. its normal for poo to be in the poo canal.

he cant exactly turn around and say 'eww look what you got on my junk! gross!'

uhm.. 'you put it in there. deal with it or stay out'

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I've had anal sex without condoms... bad, I know.

But so far, no fecal matter has been on his penis... I'm pretty sure it's normal though.


I don't think you "turned him off forever", since you guys are comfortable enough to even be doing anal in the first place. I wouldn't fret too much!

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