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  1. Keep your dignity and don’t go back to her. Don’t pay mind to her text - it seems like she wants attention. There are much better quality women you can have in your life that won’t treat you like dirt. It’s hard, but try not to respond. Keep yourself busy!
  2. Why are you messaging me? I don't know what to say or what to do. I regret texting you back. Why don't you come by and pick up your things? Are you stalling or do you want to be back together? I miss you so much, and really just want to see you. I hope this isn't real...
  3. LOL! these stories are too funny. But I don't know if you get fined...maybe for indecent exposure or if you're on somebody's property and they could charge you? I'm not really too sure. Once I was at the park fooling around with my guy (we were in the car) and it was dark at night, so I didn't see the cop pull up. He tapped on our window a few times and made us get outside and show him our license. He said we should go somewhere else because it's not safe... because someone else could have been tapping on the window (possibly a rapist or criminal) and we wouldn't have noticed and something bad could've happened to us and nobody would be able to do anything because we were alone in the park. Lord, it was reallyyy humiliating... but he was genuinely looking out for us (at least I think so) so it wasnt that bad I don't know anybody that's gotten in trouble for fooling around in a car, though. It's just really embarrassing!!
  4. I think he goes to you when that other girl is unavailable. He's using you as an emotional [potentially physical] crutch.
  5. It's so hard to distinguish if they're calling less because they're stressed or because they're cheating or because they lost interset. The bottom line is, something is not right. If you have brought this up with her, I would say wait it out for awhile.. give her a little space and let her come to you. I think one definite sign that means there's another guy is if she has begun to talk about him or talk about a new "friend". Do you have any mutual friends? Maybe you could talk to them and see what's up.
  6. Ok first of all, you're not paranoid and your thinking is NOT "silly". This guy really hurt you! Through NO fault of your own, I might add. I think it'll take the BOTH of you to get through this. Is he proving he is trustworthy now? He should WORK for it... you shouldn't have to go through these insecurities alone. It'll take a long time. Months, years, who knows. But as long as you two work through this together, it should be okay. Time is really a healer. I went through something where I kept thinking of my guy's past and how much it hurt. It tore my heart to pieces EVERYDAY while I was with him. All I could think of was the pain. But eventually, these thoughts go away. Trust me!
  7. You can tell by their actions. There's never a surefire way to know if it's ever 100% "over" though. It's only up to YOU to let it be over. You never know if they'll come back. But what you DO know is if you will allow them in your life again (if they happen to return).
  8. Just a little question...do you think there's anything your exes could've done to make you guys see them differently then? Or do you think THEY personally didn't change, it was just your perception of them? Y'all are saying they're not "sexy" anymore in your eyes and you had no desire to go on trips together or spend quality time, so was it because your exes got boring (you initially thought they were attractive)?Or perhaps they were just too "nice" and would give you anything you wanted? I'm curious because now I am getting a little scared! I have been with my guy for roughly 3 years and I don't want him to fall out of love with me like I am reading.. so I am hoping there's things I can avoid or things I can do to HELP prevent that (...I emphasize *help* because I know nothing is guaranteed & you can't make someone "feel" a certain way).
  9. Well see, that's the thing with love. You never really know IF or WHEN it'll end. It's a gamble. If you feel the person/relationship is WORTH getting hurt over, then by all means...fall in love. It's never easy, but it's not always a waste of time. Being in love (and falling out of love) teaches you SO much. Sometimes you can kind of gauge whether somebody is being truthful or not. Keyword: sometimes. People constantly change their minds with time. I wouldn't hold people to their word though. That's just torture. Focus on yourself and what YOU want to happen. Don't let their words control your future or what happens in your life.
  10. Same here. He said that after a HUGE argument. I said "So if I call you in a month or something, you won't pick up?" He said "No"...we got into a pretty nasty argument before that. As I left his car, I told him "You're going to want me back. I guarantee that." And.....3 months later.....he was back. But now he is gone again! Hmmm. It's a bad cycle...breaking up, getting back together, breaking up, blah blah blah. After awhile, the words mean nothing. Sometimes they say "We'll get back together" or "We'll NEVER get back together"...but time is such a powerful thing. You never ever know what's going to happen in the future.
  11. 1. Which parent cheated? dear ol' Dad... 2. What happened to your parents' marriage? They divorced four years ago, but it should've happened sooner. I think they "fell out of love" 2 years after they got married, but stayed together "just cuz". 3. What were your feelings on what was happening? I was hurt because my father should be the ONE man in my life that I should be able to trust. 4. Did you ever know about the affair before it was known to your parent who was not cheating? What did you do? No, I didn't know at all. My mother found out. I was shocked, but... there wasn't much I could do. 5. Did you forgive your cheating parent or not? I never resented him... maybe I was just young, I don't know. There's no room for forgiveness because I never held it against him. My parents' marriage fell apart years before any infidelity occurred. They just weren't meant to be. 6. Have/would you ever had an affair? NO. Simple as that! Even if somebody treated me horribly, I would not cheat on them. I think it's an awful thing to do.
  12. Thanks, guys WishIKnew- Hmm... 5 year relationship and you found someone who you shared even MORE with? That gives me a lot of hope that I'm not totally doomed.... Juliana- WOW, I can't wait to go to college now and be chased by guys! How fun is that? Sword- I'm actually enrolled in the local gym and it sure does feel GOOD when your body feels BAD from a workout!... it really takes your mind off things. I sure WILL "live it up" to the best of my ability. Everybody says to take advantage of the time that I have while I'm single... I don't see what's so great about it though. Maybe in time I'll realize that being single really isn't bad... but for now, it kinda sucks!!
  13. Aw *hugs*. I'm in the SAME boat as you. I feel as if I won't have another boyfriend (let alone FRIEND) who can "connect" with me on THAT level... someone who's company you enjoy 100% and you feel on top of the world. Then the next day, it's GONE. I know for a fact you won't feel "depressed" forever... it may take a while, but you WILL get over it. As for me, I'm still on my 3rd-4th month of the break up and it stings... especially when they have someone new. I hope you're feeling better though. There are BILLIONS of people in the world, each one unique... I really doubt he's the only one who can "get you" and make you feel those butterflies. It sucks to lose a boyfriend/best friend all in one, I know... but sometimes it's for the better. You'll probably learn something from this.
  14. GREAT analogy! I love it! =) And it really depends on the person in order to "calculate" the chance of backfiring. In my case, my guy broke up with me (even though he "still liked me") because we argued too much and things got REEEEALLY crazy and psycho towards the end... He called me from time to time and I was just happy to hear from him that I'd always pick up. Weeks later, I realized I was waiting around for something that obviously wouldn't happen. I stopped talking to him, even if he called me or said hi to me. His efforts to be my friend increased but in my mind... it was either I'm his girlfriend or NOTHING. It's selfish, but I could not be "just friends" with him, and I still can't. Ok point is... I basically stopped talking to him made him believe I really just don't care. It's a good/bad thing. It can definitely scare them off or intrigue them and bring them in closer. Turns out, he told me he got a new girlfriend because we "drifted" apart and "someone else" caught his eye. How lame!! Talk about backfiring... With that said... if she's stubborn, she probably won't come any closer in fear of getting rejected, but if she's willing to put her heart out on the line, she'll chase you... It's all a matter of pride. I miss my ex SO much and would LOVE to get back with him but I will NOT call him... no matter how tempted I am. I will NOT say hi to him... it fools a lot of people including him, which may not be the best thing... acting too nonchalant can drive them away and even hurt them because they'll think they meant nothing to you. As for the whole "getting a new person" after the relationship, it could possibly be a rebound but it doesn't matter whether it is or not. What matters is that they're no longer SINGLE and they are exclusive with someone else... if that's the case, it's probably best to not wait around because you never know how long it'll last... It's okay to talk to her time to time even if she has somebody else. If you don't talk to her, it won't make her forget you... she would probably miss you more! If they do break-up, act indifferent, do not be the Knight in Shining Armor because she might not return the same kind of attention... she might use you to make herself feel better then just move on.
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