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My ex's email to me, and my reply. plz read and offer input!

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Here is her email to me, and my reply is below.


Hey you,


I know it's been a while but school and work have kept me extremely busy.

Up until Thanksgiving I was averaging 4 hours of sleep per night. Needless

to say that I crashed when the holiday came- but it didn't last long, back

to business as usual.


So I have a new addition to my household- his name is Oliver, he is 3 months

old and he is the cutest black kitten you have ever seen; though I am not

sure that Sumo would agree. Sumo is having a few behavior issues now that I

am really dating again and with the new kitty, he is prone to throwing

tantrums that would shock even you!


But anyway, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving- or should that be plural- I

seem to remember you eating more than a few dinners in the past years.


How is the biz? I already know it's keeping you busy! And how are you

holding up? I want you to know that if you ever need anything- and I mean

anything- you call me, I mean it.


Maybe my radar is rusty, but I have a feeling from the short email that

there is something going on with you. I really hope that you are able to

talk to someone about everything that is going on. If you learned anything

from our relationship let it be that you can't hold everything inside too

long- if you do, you won't like the outcome. Nobody needs a hero, you are a

person (admittedly a very strong person), but you do what you can do, and

that has to be good enough- you don't have a choice.


I know I am babbling on as always but I just want to make sure that you are

okay- and I don't just mean for the moment, but for the long run.


Take care of you- okay?

Forever and always,



Here is my reply


Wow sounds like you have been busy. I got to be honest the line where you

said, "maybe my radar is rusty" made me laugh. I just pictured you in a radar

tower like they have at the airport. "Evan to Lindsy requesting permission to

land". Wow am I a dork, but seriously I can't really complain about to much.


So much has happened in this short year, in regards to life and business. Danny

and I got great job offers our fathers have made us full partners based on our

hard work ethic, and as a result we sold our business. They made us such a

sweet deal that we had to take it. I feel such a sense of accomplishment and we

both agree that we have done a tremendous job. I am currently getting

everything ready for the end of the year. After Christmas we close our doors

and the business is no longer ours. I have decided to travel for a month or


and am off to South America in the middle of January. I am also going with my

Grandparents and mother on a Caribbean Cruise in February for my Grandmothers

80th birthday. I cannot wait to tell them, well my mom knows, but I can't wait

to tell my grandparents (it's a surprise)


I am not going to lie and pretend that everything at home is going great. I

feel like I have to watch after my mother as her mood changes from day to day.

She just sat me down last night and told me that she is moving to Florida

because my Grandfather is getting old, and we do not know how many years he has

left. I am going to miss my mother more than anything, but I told her that I am

not a child anymore, and she has to do what is best for her. I have tried to

send my grandfather money several times but he will not take it. Pride in this

family is crazy, and I know where I get it (I still think you are the most

stubborn person I have ever met). Sometimes I want to quit or think what if I

fail, but then I realize I do not know how to fail or quit, it is just not who

I am.


Justin and I were looking to buy a house, however I have decided that I do not

want to purchase a home, because we cannot agree and have decided to rent a

bachelor pad. I am really excited because I cannot wait to decorate the place,

and being the kid that I am, get some really cool toys. I do not know why, but

sometimes I just cannot grow up.


Any way as far as what I have learned about relationships, I have learned that

communication is the key. I have come to realize that I was always better at

expressing myself when I would look into your eyes, then over a phone.

Regardless I have learned that even the strongest need help, and only the

stupid never ask for it. As a person I like to think that I have grown in that

sense. I am the same compassionate person that I was with you, but now I am

also more of a communicator (this is also helpful in business)


Well Lindsy I have to be honest, and to say that I do not miss you, could not

be father from the truth. I have been meaning to call, but I just can't seem to

find the time. I would like to think that someday we could go and have a cup of

coffee, or for me hot coco if you were ever in my neck of the woods, or vice

versa. I am and will always be your number one fan, because I believe that you

are headed for greatness. You and me are so alike in so many ways, and I want

you to know that I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!! You are the most beautiful person I

know! I hope that you know that I am always going be here for you, if for

nothing else, to at least listen, because Lindsy! You always have a friend in



I am going to call you before I leave the country so that we can catch up a

little bit, but until then please keep in touch. I think of you often and am

always curious as to what you are up to. Tell sumo that I miss him, and give

Oscar a Kiss for me. Tell them both that I am sorry that their mother snores

and drools in her sleep…. Oh wait that was me


Until our paths cross again


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I agree.... it's awesome you two have been able to stay good friends. It think it's the most important thing in any relationship and it's outcome that you respect each other enough to remain friends and be open that you still think of them and hope the best for them in life.


Your communications and you are correct that communication is utmost important... keep up the great work!


Best of luck in your travels!!

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