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Why do these SCUM People exist!! They are HORRIBLE!!


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I have just returned from the worst supermarket trip of my life!!! I am so wound up, shaky+upset. My Fiance and I are having a party tomorrow so we went to collect everything we needed, sweets, drink etc. We finished+went to the checkout to wait in line. An awful woman with three kids tried to pay for her full trolley through the basket only isle, the workers said to her she couldnt so she started calling them F-in T**TS, really loud+obviously very rudely! She would not shut up shouting her abuse - the whole supermarket were looking over - It was awful! Her BF turned up+said ''whats going on here", he was just as awful+common as her! She began mouthing off again, calling the staff all obscene words, using foul language at the top of her voice, everyone was super uncomfortable, it was horrible.


Anyway I said to my Fiance that I was going to get something Id forgot+to wait in line-Well!!!, when I returned this awful woman was arguing on him (her BF was no where to be seen), she was calling him everything she called the workers there+worse. She was accusing him of pushing in-we most defi did not push in as we was already in line while she was over the other side abusing the staff for not letting her use the basket only isle. After abusing him for a while she then turned around and said ''Oh f-in forget it then u silly T**T, if you want to go around living your life like that, pushing in infront of people then you do that"...........


......As she was saying this her BF came bk asking whats goin on here, she started mouthing off again explaining her made up story to him, he told us to move out the way now in a super threating manner, I replied In a very polite way "I can assure you that we was in line before you", he then started mouthing off calling us horrible, awful things, swearing, offering my Fiance outside for a fight-I was so scared!! We ignored them, just unpacked our shopping but they would not stop-The supermarket was packed, not one person or member of staff did anything to try and help us. Eventually I turned around and said "Why would he want to go outside and fight you, we dont want to do anything like that". She abused me then again, I ignored her still, just carried on with the shopping.


He then had a look at our shopping, noticed our sweets for our party tomorrow+started shouting that we were geeks as we had dolly mixture sweets-What a stupid man, well I say man he was 100% NO man in my book!!! That he bets we were the geeks at school, always on the computers, stupid f-in geeks. Throughout this we was completely ignoring them!! He then said to me "I see you've got your cleansin wipes, yeah you need to get some make-up on your face you f-in dog"(now I am 100% not a dog so this comment has not bothered me at all, of course I look a little rough without my make up on but who doesnt right!! - I am a full time model-I make all my money from modelling+believe me I make alot - the days I have off I like to wear no make-up). I thought it was quite funny when he said this but my Fiance flipped out, he shouted " what did you say you f-in p***k". The guy started shouting, offering him outside saying he'd kill him etc, I told my Fiance to just ignore him, to not stoop to their level - God it was so horrible!!!


At this point we was paying, the guy was right nxt to me while I was putting my pin in, right on my back, but I didnt say a work I just continued on. We then left without saying a word back to their insults.


Once outside my Fiance was very upset, as was I, but he was super angry to . I explained to him that they were just scum, that if we had answered them back it would of only resulted in violence, he would of been beat up+she probably would of beat me up. He is so angry now, he called me a chicken, how can I of let them talk to us like that, who do they think they are etc, but I had to let it happen that way. They could of had a knife or anything, they were discusting people. They had their three young kids with them for godsake, who were also shouting abuse+their parents were just laughing.


I just cant believe this has just happened to us! We never ever cause trouble or look for trouble, we are very nice people. It has scared me SO MUCH that we can be upstanding citizens, who would never dream of hurting anyone and things like this can happen!


Why do these scum bag people think they can act like this!! I feel awful+my Fiance is so upset by this!!!

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They have no security on at this supermarket.


It just seems to me that if you want to stay out of trouble+not get hurt/beat up or killed you just need to keep your mouth shut.


They are disgusting people/animals who have no respect for anything, not even each other I bet!! SCUM!!!!!

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You showed restraint. Anyone would have been upset by this. That said, I agree with MVD... I'd have called for the manager. In fact, I'd have told the checker that I wouldn't move out of the way, nor move forward or backward, until the manager arrived. Shut... down... the line.


Once the manager got there, I'd either demand that he remove the threatening customers, or else I'd threaten to call 911. Simple as that. This has nothing to do with being "tough" or anything of the like. This does have everything to do with your own safety, with that of your fiance, and with not doing something unreasonable just to prove a point.

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Sorry! That plain Sucks.


Maybe you will feel a little better if later you go back to that store and report the incident?


Try to make some positive changes. Don't shove it in the back of your mind or try to ignore it.


It might make you feel better. Situations like this can make us feel powerless; doing something positive can remind you are strong and have some control.


You did what you knew best to do, I hope you feel better soon. Be sure to enjoy that party to the max!

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They could of had a knife or anything, they were discusting people.


I think this is the most important part, and shows that you are smarter than all of them put together. It is never worth risking your life to "win" an argument. You did the right thing trying to ignore them. I know it may feel like you're letting them get away with something, but the fact is that they are miserable and unhappy people and that is punishment enough for them.


If there's one thing I've learned in my 36 years of life, it's that some people are just f-ing crazy, period. Sometimes it depends where you live, etc., but they're everywhere for sure. It's just an unfortunate fact of life, but hopefully you have enough good people around you to make up for it.

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Thanks for your responses! I feel much better now, I really do as does my Fiance, he has calmed down+realizes that it was the right thing to ignore these losers as we could of really got hurt!!


You are very right that they are unhappy!! Awful Nasty People!


We will defi enjoy our party tomorrow - Thanks!!

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Is why I always carry this, a Smith & Wesson 'Homeland Security' folding knife, hidden in my front pants pocket.


image removed


So far, I've only had to take it out in public once, when some freakazoid tried to run my car off the road. Amazing how quickly he calmed down and disappeared.


When I was married I insisted that my wives carry a razor-blade box cutter in their purses. One just never knows when a dangerous or even life-threatening situation may occur.


I don't recommend carrying a knife to everyone, just to those whom I'm confident could handle it well and would only act in defense of self or of the innocent.

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I don't recommend carrying a knife to everyone, just to those whom I'm confident could handle it well and would only act in defense of self or of the innocent.


I was flashed at while out walking my dog and after that started carrying a knife, and as much as it made me feel better if anything did occur, it also made me more paranoid about something occurring. I was jumpier because I was aware I had a knife on me.

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I was flashed at while out walking my dog and after that started carrying a knife, and as much as it made me feel better if anything did occur, it also made me more paranoid about something occurring. I was jumpier because I was aware I had a knife on me.


That's unfortunate. The way I see it, carrying a blade doesn't increase the likelihood of an altercation, it merely tips the odds of a favorable outcome in your direction.

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Unfortunately there are people like this in the world-rude, aggressive, basically feral. The scariest part is that they're allowed to reproduce. I have been involved in a few similar incidents myself, most recently a few months ago in a bar. Two girls pushed their way to the front of the queue and when my friend(not myself I hasten to add) commented on their rudeness they started getting very aggressive `you got a problem etc`. Funnily enough all this was directed at me and not my friend who made the remark (possibly because I was the only other female). Anyway they then spent the rest of the night looking over at me, pointing, pulling faces and then later I felt a tap on my shoulder. This one girl came right up to my face and said `goodbye` in a very menacing tone. `Goodbye` I said politely. She then started f-ing and blinding, threatening to cut me with the glass she was holding! All of this was completely unprovoked and really shocking. The sad fact is that people like that do exist, I don't come into contact with them very often but when I do it's always a shock. The best thing you can do is ignore them and stay calm-your safety is too important. These people are probably used to causing trouble and starting fights-it's best to leave well alone.

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ncnc this is chav culture, and it's coming to a supermarket near you. I deal with this almost daily because I live in a VERY rough area in te North-West (cant afford anything else) and I have a London accent. Not a good combination.


As a whole us Brits are way too understanding, but horrible stories like this make you think that although you can try to avoid it as much as humanly possible - they're still going to find you and there's VERY little that can be done.


If it helps at all, if I was there I would have helped you guys out. I'm tall and broad and intimidating but unfortunately I'm a bit to virtuous. Gets me into trouble sometimes:


I once took on 3 teenage hoodies giving an old man a hard time for buying "too much toilet paper" cos "he's so old he's gunna s*** himself". I'm a big guy, I managed to shut them up with a glare and the old man thanked me - but afterwards I thought to myself "s** what if they come after me when i leave with a knife?".


Same thing with a punk kid on a bus ghetto-blastering his phone music on full speaker volume. Bus driver didn't do anything, everyone around was cringing but said nothing. I asked him to stop, he said "no, F'off".... what are you supposed to do to that?!


Another time a kid tried to steal my wallet in McDonalds after having a go at me for not "fghting him for a pound." Whe he grabbed my wallet and tried to run for it I floored him. I think I might have knocked him out. Shouldn't have done it I know, but guess what happened next? A manager came out and asked me to leave the store for 'making a disruption'. ME?!?! I and everyone around me looked at this guy incredulously as I was booted out.

((Thankfully I wasn't ever prosecuted for it.))


Chav culture is here to stay and won't stop unless we all make the effort to stick up for ourselves.

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