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A Question to the Americans Here. Do you really believe ALL you read on the internet?


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I went to this political rally recently. All the democratic candidates are campaigning like crazy.


There's Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. I happened to vote already.. and I won't say my vote cuz they have not been counted yet. But I know whom I want to win, let's just say that! LOL


Anyway.. I get to the rally and it is interesting. After all, how many times do you get to see an ex-first lady in person? I have never had that opportunity, and I'm interested in famous people, (not in a tabloid way, but just in general).


So.. I wait outside the building where Hilary Clinton is speaking. There are of course, security and police all around, but disturbingly enough alot of signs from Obama supporters that are not the least bit respectful!


I would NOT have the nerve to go to an Obama Rally and put up disrespectful signs for Obama. I'd be afraid to be honest..but it's THEIR rally, let them admire their candidate in peace is my feeling.


Anyway, I would like to try to get a picture of Hilary, I admire her in alot of ways.. One for getting thru all that scandal with her husband, and still keeping her sanity. Too, she has the fortitute and the grace to forgive Bill, I'm not sure I would be that big a person after all she's been through myself, but I give her credit for that.


So.. I'm waiting to get a picture of Hillary... and there, of course, people who who obviously do NOT like Hilary for President in the crowd.

We're near a crowded railing and she pulls up in her group and starts to walk towards us. Great I think, I can get a nice photo of her.. it will be like history or something.. suddenly this girl tries to crowd in front of me and force me out of the way so SHE can get a photo of Hilary..

She's likes, "excuse me, I need to get a picture"... I, for some reason, (I'm usually very polite) say, "Um.. I don't think so, I was here first!" and so I step to the front and get my photo of hilary... as best I can with all the pushing and shoving from the crowd.. Though it was a pleasant crowd


I felt a little guilty for telling the girl I wanted to stay in my spot and look back at the girl who wanted to crowd in front of me to get a shot, and she's got this OBAMA for PRESIDENT banner with her.. a huge one!


So.. I'm thinking.. well, geez, if you don't want her for president, then why would you INSIST you be first in line, when others have been waiting for an hour, to get her picture??


It just seems very brazen of her. Kinda arrogant honestly. It is funny the sentiments that come up during election year.


You'd have to be an American to truly understand it. We have this free will government and freedom of speech, but it's got its downside too.

So.. anyway.. I went back home and stopped in one of the local watering holes. There are THREE people there tops. Usually there is a big crowd on that night of the week.

We get to start talkingn politics of course, cuz I mentioned I had just seen the former 1st lady campaigning for the election, and we get to talk about the war, on Iraq, and if Hilary loses or does not lose, then what would happen if McCain wins.


They, start this spiel, on how it's just "busch's war" and then one waitress (who was never that pleasant to me before when I went in there, i don't know why she's being so nice now, other than I'm the only customer in there) starts saying,


"Oh, didn't you know that it was a government conspiracy 911.. that the US government and ISRAEL had a hand in 911, that Israel was directly responsible for 911!!, it was all over the internet!"


I'm like, Oh, my gawd! Do you really believe that is printed on the internet?


At which point I said bluntly, "well, if you think that, I'm leaving!" and walked out the door disgusted as all get out! LOL... oh.. my gawd. .what an idiot that waitress is.


I'm sure people may or may not realize that things do not have to be documented before they are sent out over the web, esp. things on a website, unless it is a newspaper website.

If you see things in print, however, probably they have been checked for accuracy before they will let them out in the newspaper stands!


Does anyone else in America actually think that Israel started 911? This is ludicrious.. They are the allies of America, not the enemies.. this war has done nothing for Israel in terms of security. They have even had to give up the Gaza Strip they won in the 6 day war!


I'm starting to feel, though, 6 years later, that we maybe could of asked Israel's help in this war.. What I mean, is, if a country that size, can take care of a whole slews of countries attacking them, and finish a war in only 6 days, then why cannot a country of our size take 6 years?


well, I don't care what is printed on the web. You don't think the terrorists had a hand in starting that rumour?


The funny thing is, even though Ben Laden claims to be a Muslim, and it is the religious zealots that have started this whole thing, they got some guy in the crowd for the political rally with a sign "Don't Blame the Muslims"


well, if it was not for an overzealous Muslim who was hel!-bent on destroying us, none of us would be in this mess today!


I don't know why people take everything at face value that appears on the web... it is a mystery to me.

I know I was standing near one of the reporters for the rally on Mrs. Clinton and they were discussing just EXACTLY how many people were at the rally, b/c they wanted their facts straight!


So.. I usualy get my news from the newspapers themselves. I think the USA today is pretty accurate. But I have gone onto a newspaper's website and looked at their features and half of what the newspaper's in print was featuring was missing on that website!


So.. I for one, don't trust everything that is printed on the internet, do you?

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First off, I have to say I'm not 100% convinced that the government did not have something to do with 9/11.


Secondly, the internet and blogging has allowed for a whole nother level of free speech. The major media you cite as being what you trust, I have some level of distrust with. I believe the major news networks use fear and propaganda on a regular basis to try and control the population.


The point is that you have to use your own head and not just accept everything at face value. Look how much we've been lied to over the past 6 years regarding the war, all of that info has come through mainstream media sources.

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