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How do you make yourself happy?


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I didn't used to do this, but I'm starting. Be as cheerful as you can sincerely be with the people you see around. I used to just let my sadness show, but when you are more cheerful, people are friendly back and that is what cheers me up. Basically, put out what you need to get back, and there's a high chance you will get it back tenfold.


I go for a ride to the beach and either swim or just listen to the waves if it's too cold. Or I go walk or sit in whatever bit of nature I happen to be living near. I meditate (vipassana meditation), I clean up my room and organise my stuff so that I feel ready to do anything. I shower and get dressed in clothes that make me look good. If I'm emotional I write a song about it. If I have a specific problem, I'll talk to my housemates or ena about it and get advice. I focus on my dreams and aspirations and write lists of what I really want. I make myself be productive so that at least I've achieved something and it hasn't been a total waste of time being down. This usually gets me motivated and inspired and happy. Pursuing my aspirations always makes me happy. When I used to have a car, I'd drive out to the forest and being in nature made me happy. Going for night walks in the rain. Going to the see performances around town, and art stuff, visiting or calling a friend, organising a dinner and enjoying the company of people you like. If all else fails, retail therapy. (op shopping is usually good enough for me). I second the shoes advice too I'm ashamed to say.

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Talking to my man. He's the only man I've been with who can really pull me out of negativity mode swiftly and easily. It's amazing.


Oh, sometimes a shower helps, too, even if I already took one in the morning!


Sometimes guitar helps, too. Thx, Musicguy, for reminding me


anytime. Music is one of my biggest therapies

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Listen to happy music - I've burned a cd of songs that lift my spirits - it really helps

call one of my positive attitude friends - you know, the REALLY cheerful ones

put the top down on the mustang and DRIVE.. of course that one is weather dependent

gripe to someone who will listen, then just let it go.....

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Go for a long walk, listen to music, watch a funny movie, call a friend, do something creative, exercise, cook a good meal, take an afternoon road trip somewhere there's lots of nature, take a long hot bath, give myself a manicure/pedicure.


Grace, I know you like to write. I bet that's a good way to make you happy, for a start. Sometimes when I'm stuck, I'll write to brainstorm what I can do to make me happy!

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