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Is there anything as too Shy?


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this is a general question/pondering :


Would a person be so shy that they wouldn't even initiate conversation with their crush on an online platform like facebook?


Ive known 1-2 people, who were crazy about some acquaintances or a friend from the past, arent in touch anymore with them; except online- but dont ever initiate conversations with them... ever!


In person, they were too chicken/shy to tell their crushes about their feelings, but the word got around...but still nothing ever really happened.


So Whats with that ? why ignore?

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But you're presuming the person would rather be able to respond to a crush. Not everyone is interested in dating or being in a relationship all the time - some people enjoy being alone and/or don't want to have a relationship with someone they know has a big crush on them - that can be overwhelming -- so the judgment "he's too shy" makes a lot of assumptions.

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My ex listed my being too shy as one of the reasons for our split. However I'm taking it with a bucket of salt like all the other paltry,unsubstantiated excuses he has given me. I was completely comfortable and at ease with him, not at all shy. Around his family, yes (which is why I think he said it....he had never EVER mentioned me being too shy for him....until his sister put it in his head because I was shy around her, not rude, shy....even my ex admitted I made an effort to always talk to her....but I think it's apparent now she likes to feel the centre of attention ). WHy should it matter if your BROTHER'S gf is shy?!?! /Rant over, sorry!

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At the end of the day it's still a girl on the other end. Hence if someone had really bad fears of rejection, being laughed at, what other people may think and generally believes no girl would ever look twice at them, etc, etc.


Then all this is still going to apply when talking to her whatever the medium. It may be reduced a bit as there will not be others around as there would be in a bar.


Personally I think that facing your fears in the real world is much better that using social networking or on-line dating.

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I have found that truly shy people are also shy online. Maybe a bit bolder, but you can still tell they are shy. YOu can tell on this forum, for instance, who is very reserved and on the shy side by the way they post.


That said I would imagine that a person who is very crippling shy might still have difficulty even saying anything to the object of their eye even online.

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