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i have a crush on my doctor


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should i tell him he has amazing eyes? lol


No, you shouldn't. Doctors are not permitted to have romantic relationships with their patients, so if you DID tell him this, and he responded to your advances, he could get into a lot of trouble with the medical board. Aside from that, he might be married or involved with someone, or, at the very least, might not be interested, and since you're a patient of his, disclosing your crush could be, at the very least, very awkward and embarrassing. You'd have to find another doctor.


Nope -- never a good idea to disclose crushes on medical professionals. Most likely, part of the reason you find him so attractive is because he IS your doctor. It happens all the time.

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Yeah, my doctor is hot too. The pictures of his wife and kids...not so hot. lol. Brings me back to reality!


It's part him and part that he is a very good doctor and when I see him - I feel listened to and cared for.


No flirting or telling him how great his eyes are! He's still your doc.


Let me see. Have you had a pap yet with this doc? Nothing less sexy than that! And if your crush is so huge that you can't even feel comfy letting him do routine checks and whatnot - it'd be time to find another doc...maybe a woman.



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but i already have someone i love very much. i can't stop thinking of how great my doctor's eyes are and his amazing smile...do you think this is just a phase? should i just forget about him or tell him i have a crush? should i tell my b/f the truth? what? i'm confused. help.


Sounds to me like it's a little crush. There's no need to stir up any drama. Just keep it to yourself, don't tell anyone. It'll pass.

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it's natural...actually I think there is a referenced name for this thing-florence nightingale syndrome Something like that-it is so common to fall for the person who takes care of us in that manner...I myself hurt myself pretty badly in college in a motorcycle accident...I fell for my nurse...never said anything to her but I swear I thought she was God's gift to men. It's normal, but what one poster said is absolutely true...a dr. or nurse or anyone in the medical field are expressly prohibited from dating patients. They will lose their license, and thus, their livelihood...

So, that being said-understand that this is a normal thing. Also understand that it can't be, and quit. Take it no further. Stop now, and focus on the man you love, and not someone you can't have. How unfair is this to the man you say you love??? Does he deserve this? This is emotional cheating....

Listen-my dad is a surgeon-he has told me so many stories of this. A couple are scary-obsessive stuff, had to get security to escort one woman out. Don't go down this road-it leads to nowhere. Be happy with what you have...admire from afar, but never express these feelings to your M.D.

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Crushes are normal while in a relationship. I have a gigantic crush at the moment - unfortunately, he's sixty and has grandchildren, so that gets in the way of my spurious "running away together" fantasies. Oh well.


I think it's fine to be attracted to someone while you're in a relationship, but taking steps to further that (like telling your doctor he has amazing eyes) is inappropriate.

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When I went to this doctor a few months ago I was so nervous and told the nurse. She laughed and told me that once she went out of town to a new gynecologist. She said he was so handsome it made her break out all over her whole body in a sweat. The doctor noticed and asked her what was wrong. She said she went red as a beat and was extremely embarrassed afterward.

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Yes, I remember having the silliest crushes when I was younger. Once it was Steven Tyler, Johnny Depp, then the James Spader stage. Now when I look at James Spader I feel very turned off. He's gotten soft and puffy.


I really miss being young sometimes. I never have those crushes anymore. The only thing that came close was a brief thing for Clive Owen in the last year.


Just enjoy it while it lasts. And never indulge too much in it.

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Can't really add anything to the preceding wisdom except one thing. Just from years of newspaper reading I'd say that, should your Dr. be married and somehow you get entangled you'll probably get to participate in a really ballistic divorce proceeding with Med Review Board hearings shortly thereafter.

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