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"Setting this message"-"Slam the meaning&quot


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I'm trying stay open minded as possible here, so let me say this.




when your ready to accommodate yourself with me, meaning under the justification of "friends" Doing things together, activities, casual or not so casual, let me know. As of right now i can no longer show any sort of action, affection, or even fellowship towards you because of how you kept pushing me aside. (I'm leting her know, hey... I'm being honest)


So i told myself to disembark, eliminated myself from asking you again, and that is out of defense, I'm trying to remain kosher and no threatening as possible here. (true, very True)


It's like this....this undoubtedly has to come from you. Why that is, Is simply because i am not the type of guy that will go too extreme measures for one person, that person being you..i attempted 3 separate times, all noticeably spaced out, every attempt was flamed with the words "I'm busy" So that was telling me something.... (was that a easy way of letting me off softly, without trying to hurt my feelings?)


If you don't want to be a friend, than just tell me, keep it real like i have from the get-go, You making me feel like a minimum use play toy wasn't excepted, if you think I'm going to stand and let that happen, your dead wrong. if you continue to be the way you are, I'm sorry to say this but I will only make it more difficult, and much more agonizingly clear to you i will not tolerate that feeling, conclusively ending all communication with you forever. (with this i think it will give her 2 options, call, or don't...i just want answers, i want to know...if she DOES or DOES NOT want to hang-out with me, i mean that is what friends are spoused to do, right...? i never saw that, only heard it....over and over again, and we all know actions speak louder than words)


(said this before i know)


I'm not a light switch, it's either on or off, you can't keep doing both, it's bad circuitry for someone heart."


I think over all with this message, in a conversation will give her the idea, i'm not sticking around unless she wants me too, and will push all Weight (not intentional of course) over to her, instead of on me...


It's only fair..if you guys only knew the whole story, i can't hold, or keep these thoughts on myself anymore, i'm done trying and trying again...to be only pushed down, or slammed to the ground with "rejection" next time i see her i'm setting this straight.)


with me *THIS TIME* on the recieving end of the field...now that is playing by the rules.

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OK let me go over the story, a girl i meet, became somewhat "friends' but she never showed it except for physical confrontations, seeing each other in person, out side of that there was nothing saying "friends" or even an existence..really i did nothing, i didn't call to much, maybe 1 time a week with a conversation ending after 3-5 min...with her saying "well i have to go" after i would try to make clear i wanted to do something with her. nothing was obvious to me any ways that showed she was making a minor part (action) to arrange something to do. that is what bothers me, than to add she would say things like "why didn't you call" PAH!!....why would i if the conversation only last 3-5 min....wtf i don't understand this girl. never really have, she is 24 I'm 22 i asked her out she said "i don't date younger guys" which makes me think she doesn't want to hangout with them. am i correct....??? she has been divorced, was cheated on by her husband, which would make it hard for her to again trust another guy, am i correct??? just a little insight for the above posters...

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Great! Now I understand what you're trying to say. It started to sound like a poem to me.


Okay, now the story's a bit clearer. If your conversations aren't lastining too long, then I don't get her point either. I don't understand why she's so bothered by you, especially if she's older and made it clear that she doesn't date younger guys.


This girl may have been dumped and heartbroken, but she's starting to sound as if she's already your g/f. Her expectations of you not calling conflicts with what she wants of you.


I don't know, but either this gal has a personality problem, or is just severely depressed about the whole situation. Give it some time. Let her cool down. Maybe you should stop contacting her for a while, then see what happens. It's not your fault that she's acting up.

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hey - I've read a few of your posts about this girl - the whole situation does seem rather odd and I guess that everyone except for you probably wouldn't be able to understand what exactly is going on.


I'm really confused - I'm guessing you met this girl, became 'friends' after talking for a bit (do you see her at all outside clubs?) and then asked her out? She seems to have given different excuses - basically that shes busy - and doesn't mention it again until you ask her out? I've probably got that mixed up!


What I don't get is, from what you've said you really can't stand the girl anymore because of her attitude and behaviour to all this - which, from what you've said is pretty understandable - she's messing you about. But, if you don't like her, why are you thinking up all these messages to send her. The first one in this topic did come accross as pretty threatening in some parts. From what she's done and how she's behaved its pretty obvious that she doesn't value your friendship that much so why would she be bothered if you take your friendship away?


Maybe its me, but if someone obviously has no time for me and I can't stand them I'm not going to waste time coming up with big speeches to tell them that I'm not going to be their friend anymore! I'd rather get on with my life and meet people who don't mess me about!


Hope it all works out anyway!

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