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Guy gave my number out- what does it mean?


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I get a call the other night from some stranger who got my number from "my friend"- this stranger explains that he saw me and asked our mutal friend for my number. I explained to the stranger that I wasn't interested in dating and that it was nice he was interested but I was not interested in going out with him. I blamed that we lived too far away and that I was thinking about getting serious about a certain guy. I didn't know the guy but I just have never been able to just say, "I can't stand a guy that wants to ask a girl out just because they like the way they look. I hate that, if a guy has never talked to me- it blows my mind that they think they will like me. I would never go out with someone just because I thought they were cute."


When I hung up, I had a text from "my friend" that said:


a friend of mine asked for your number, he is totally harmless, actually he reminds me of you, if you don't want to talk to him dont answer his call.


Okay- I got the message after the call. I was so hurt, I can't believe he would give my number out to some guy that wanted to ask me out.


This is my question- "Would a guy give a number out to another guy if he really liked a girl?" My ex husband said that guys do stupid stuff like this when they really like you to see what you will do. (I have been divorced for 8 years, and we are friends)-


This is what I think- this guy is letting me know that he has no interest in ever having anything serious with me. He knows that I don't sleep around and he likes me as a friend, but he has said he doesn't feel the fireworks for me anymore. In the beginning, I made him feel so happy- that lasted a few weeks- now we are just friends that sleep together sometimes- but, with no kissing because he thinks it makes everything too serious.


I am not lonely- people ask me out all the time, and this guy he gave my number to is not even a real good friend of his- his best friend hasn't ever even met him- so, basically "my friend" gave my number out to someone he doesn't even really know.



Background information:


This guy that I have been talking to for over a year- we have slept together several times, but he doesn't want a relationship. Basically, we are friends- when I say friends, we talk about important stuff. And we help each other- I did his taxes, he fixed my mailbox, I watch his kids, he took my kid hunting, etc. Its a weird situation- I really have tired to pull away. It is sad when you can't have what you want and I really think I would so like to just see him and not date other guys. But, he has made it so clear that he doesn't want a relationship. He talks, mostly texts 3 or 4 girls- his pattern is he texts one girl constantly for a several days then he switches back to another- he is straight forwarded about his friendship with these other girls. And I he knows that I am talking to other guys.




What should I do? This happened on Saturday- the stranger has called several times and texted- I texted one time and explained that I was not interested, but thanks. I haven't answered any more calls or texts. So, basically he gave my number to some one that is going to bug me. Should I be mad? or hurt?

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I can't seem to pull totally away from him- I really love his kids and so like being with him, but he just doesn't want me. I agree he just wants to be friends- but, none of my friends would ever give out my number. NO one has ever given my number out with out asking me first!! I think he is being mean!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I told him please never give my number out again- he said he didn't think it was that big of a deal. I said are we match making for each other???


Why can't we pull away from what is not good for us? The problem is that he is not all bad- he said he didn't want a relationship, just friendship.


I have dated other guys- I even like one of them, but he's 26 and lives 3 hours away.


I don't really think that I will ever find anything lasting- something has happened to the way I think. After this guy I just don't really want to open up to anyone. I really just want to hang-out and have fun. But, I know that I am just lying to myself.

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it sounds like this guy only likes you as a friend, and he gave out your number so you can find a new boyfriend and object of your affections. sounds like you still like this guy, and he knows it, maybe it makes him uncomfortable, which is why he is handing out your number. just a guess.

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Oh my god this is creepy - the same thing happened to my friend.... the thing is, is that my friend was just like your 'stranger'... he saw a beautiful tall slim woman at his church one sunday. He told me he went back the following week, but she had gone. So he went up and talked to someone that he knew she had been in contact with... and so on so forth.


If you happen to have been in the UK a couple weekends ago then let me know - I may know your 'stranger'.



and, by the way yes - I think it was a bit odd my friend acted in that way. I would be totally weirded out by a random caller asking me out.

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