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there are days when you make your day, and days that the good news is a relieve for your stress i'm 21 and i have nothing cause in my teenage life i was a really conflicted girl that droped out of school at the age of 17. i hated school and i couldn't wait to be a grown up and now that i am all i know about is responsabilities and headaches that sometimes i bring to my self, other times is my job and my family. now after a few years from being so hard headed i learned that being an adult really sucks. i have to make decicions for my self and my life since i was so independent. and now my life still really conflicted i constantly had fights with my mom cause of the way she raised me and my brothers. she did not want to let us go,and she always tries to fix our problems and she get mad cause i

won't let her. i feel so frustrated trying to make her understand that i'm already a grown woman that takes care of her self. i don't live with her no more cause of this but i still do love her i just want her to understand and

i don't wnat her to take it the wrong way, cause i care for her but i don't know what to do cause she hurts me sometimes with her words. when i was a teen ager i hurt her a lot with my rebellious ways. but i hve asker to forgive me for so long and she don't want to cause she keeps bringing the past. that today i'm finally giving up and its so sad if you do have a advise i will be glad to receive it .................. thanks!

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