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Why did she do this to me?

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I am going to make this short.

I am in the single most horrible situation anyone could ever be put in.

I just broke up with my girlfriend of almost 2 years. It turns out she has been cheating on me since April and has had sex with three other guys in our relationship. I am completely destroyed over this since I never did anything bad to her to deserve this. All I did was treat her like gold and love her to death. There were no signs of her being sad. What happened?

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Well i can't relate to your feeling because that has never happened to me before, and i feel really bad what you are going threw, I'm sure this is renting a lot of space in your head, many different question only lead to more stressing of the mind, you are going to go threw a very difficult emotional poles, and you have to navigate threw them well, don't be scared to take a minute to talk about it to friends, cause talking helps, even in here. if you need someone to talk to the people here are more than welcome to help, you are NOT alone, many of us have delt with this sort of thing in the past, so don't feel out of place....Sorry again, i wish you the best.

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You're girl was a d!#k!!!! There out ther, and I've met my share. You will too, but hopefully you will eventualy see the signs and be better able to avoid a nother girl like that nect time. I know it sucks bro, but the world moves on and you will have to do the same at some point, though I know it will probably take a while. It's been 3 monts from me and I'm still not doing so good, but things always get better it just takes time.

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I really feel for you. I wish I could tell you why she did what she did, but the best answer I have is that it probably didn't have anything to do with you yourself. It was all about her -- her being selfish, or rebellious, or "lost" or whatever.


I know there was a long forum discussion on cheating a few months back, so I won't get into it here. But I just wanted to say I totally believe that you treated her well and in no way deserved what happened to you. If she doesn't see the damage she's done because of her actions, I have no respect for her at all.


I understand your desire to figure out what happened, and I hope you'll get some answers. It may take awhile. In my own "ex" situation, I finally realized that when we were going out, he valued other things above our relationship; he always put things as a higher priority. I felt I gave 100%; but he was giving 50. Because I knew that that kind of behavior wasn't good enough for me, I finally felt I could let go.


Sometimes the question isn't just "why did this happen?", it's also -- "and what will I do with the answer?" ...


Take care.......

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Dude, I wish I could answer your question... but women ARE really a different species that men won't be able to understand.


My so-called best friend of 7 years(trusted her nearly as much as my own mother), girlfriend of last 3 1/2 years(now ex) turns out to have been cheating on me during long distance relationship for years. I only found out AFTER she broke up with me through the guy she has been cheating on me with. He contacted me because of a guilty conscious... but said he loves/loved her still (ironically, both and I were "dumped" nearly in the same time). Probably was cheating on me with someone else as well... as she's with a new guy right off the bat when she broke up with me!


Eventhough this whole break up took place in May... I've been slowly recovering. NC is really a help. Recommend others to follow it thoroughly. If you have lady friends.... contact them and talk with them. I luckily have older lady friends who can relate to my problems and have helped me a lot. This forum will help you as well...by simply getting your grief out in the open.


Take care of yourself... we know the feeling

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