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Embarrassing....how do I tell her off?

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Hey all. This is nothing serious, its more less embarrassing at my age. Its actually just about shopping....


Im 15 right now, and my mom yet insists to come with me when I goto get cloths. Ive heard about alot of my friend getting their parents card and going by themselves, I wanna know if having "Mommy" around is really a common thing at this age...I would have my own money, if I were in the position that I didn't have to 100% focus on school.


What do I do here.....I can't tell my mom to like "p" off or anything, then ill just be out of a house...



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Well im 24 and sometimes my mom still comes with me but we like going shopping together.


If it really bothers you just tell her a few friend are getting together and going shopping, so that way no moms aloud, ask her if she can give you some money. That way slowly she will get used to the idea, but spend wisely so that she can trust you the next time.

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I've was there too, my friend! I agree 100% with these responses, though... the best way to do it is gradually. Parents always have a hard time letting go, it's human nature, so try to understand that she's not doing any of this to purposely get you upset. You seem to already get that, though.


I think, as DREAM said, the best way is to show her that if she gives you some slack and hands over a little cash, you will be resposible, and there will be absolutely no problems. If she sees that you are trustworthy, and aren't going to blow her hard-earned cash on something worthless, she will eventually ease up on it.


Most likely, she just really enjoys shopping with you, and it's sort of like "quality time". I want to stress that this "quality time" should not be lost altogether, try to maintain a good relationship with your mother/parents, because they'll always be there when you need them most, especially through your teenage years.

Good luck!


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My mother stopped taking me shopping before I was 10. Actually she stopped going out alltogether. Im now 27 and I get envious when I see others shopping/ eating out etc with a parent. Especially if parent is paying for it!

I understand that it may be embarressing or annoying, but its the little things that you do with a parent and one day look back and value. Unless she has really bad fashion sense it may be to your advantage to have a womans opinion on clothes. Its worked for my brother!

However things like that when your a teen can be really annoying, so how about you have a chat with her and make a compromise? Sometimes you go with her and other times with a mate.

If she wont budge, earn some money and go shopping!

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Parents can be so embarrassing.On my sixteenth birthday my mother bought me spiderman bubble bath.I had left school and was working as a security guard by this point.

I was offended.

Sometimes it just takes them a little bit of time for the ancient ones to figure out that youre growing up.Be gentle when you break the news.

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