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I am a horrible person


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In my entire life, I've always been against cheating. I've been faithful in every relationship that I had. I believed that if a person wishes to be unfaithful, they should initiate a breakup in order to save some pain for their partner. My whole belief system has gone down the drain and I am a hypocrite.


No, I didn't cheat on a boyfriend, instead, I got together with a friend who is currently in a "committed" relationship for 3 years. I know we are both at fault and I've never felt so horrible in my life. I would appreciate some words of wisdom for those who have been in similar situations. Thanks



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Hi Kerrio,


Unfortunately, I've been in your situation. I was with a girl a number of times over a three month period. She and her boyfriend were friends of me - and she led me on - we got together, and it got really dangerous - we were even together when he was in the next room over 10 times.


I was the same as you - always against cheating, and always will be. The situation taught me a lot though, and I've gotten past it since. I did feel like a hypocrite, but you learn to get past it. In saying that, I don't see them really now since they moved back to the UK, so that made things easy. There were people making a big joke about it cause everyone knew it was going on, and that made it even worse !


Don't beat yourself up over it -but make sure you learn from it. That is the most important thing. Learn how you let it happen, and make sure it doesn't again ! Especially with someone you know.


Hope this helps you some,

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Hello. I agree with charmed. The deed is done now, and you realise how bad it feels. The worse thing that you could do now would be to continue this again but I think that you feel so much remorse that you have learnt this valuable lesson in life. Sometimes we have to do things in order for us to learnt grow and move on, and in a strange way it may have made you a better stronger person for the future.


Forget it and move on, you are not a horrible person, you were just vulnerable, like we all are sometimes.

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