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Breakups are journeys we must conquer

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Hey all, I havent been back at this site for a while, so there are probably alot of new members... I just wanted to post an update since my breakup of 3 years, and I know alot of you know the feeling when a loved one leaves to be with someone else when all you can do is watch and continuing loving them no matter what....I have come to realize that even though I still think about my ex that even there is always room for happiness without her. I met this girl 3 months ago and we've been going out since. Alot of things are different from my past relationship of 3 years, but it doesnt mean it is bad, just different. I still think of my ex cuz i see her with her new boyfriend alot at university with all 3 of us being in the same faculty but even though she is still on my mind does not mean i cannot love another girl. I guess I want to say that for you all in heartbreak,distress,sorrow,anger, and all the emotional feelings after a hard breakup that you should never close your heart from everything and everyone in your life. MOVE ON, LIVE LIFE, FIND the person you can become or really are without your significant other, enjoy life and before you know it, another love will appear. I was in the deepest hole 6 months ago, waking up with no feeling, numbness all around until I let myself go of all the pain, but of course it doesnt take a day or month, its a continuing process I am still going through. However, I have realized that you can open alot of doors in your heart, because when one door is closed, another opens...HANG IN THERE ALL, you will see happiness sooner or later, dont give up!

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