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  1. very hard im sik of all these girls tat just dont respec themselves and * * * *
  2. im not a virgin but i want a girl that is a virgin.......i can treat her better than any guy has ever even tried to treat her and i could wait as long as they wanted to no problem........ oshgoshbajosh33 is my aim name hit me up talk to me sumtime im 20 yrs old and would like sum1 to talk to....been hurt by many girls
  3. if u gonna make that person ur bf it aint just anybody and u need to be truthfull
  4. thank you sophie ...good post
  5. i would also like to say that im not innocent and i cheated on her with 2 woman early in the relationship...im came clean alot sooner than she did tho
  6. because i do love her and i want to be here for her....she has lost my trust yes but im stil with her cuz she atleast came clean with me and it wil just take her sumtime to gain my trust back. i know that if i get anymore lies in the future that this relationship is over. she is seeking professional help now tho
  7. yes i have sat down with her many times and she knows she lost my trust for now....but i respect the fac that she could come out with all this......as for believing everything she says to me though...im not that gullable i always have my doughts when it come to what woman are being trutfull about
  8. well yes she actually lied to me about alot of things ....the whole story is in another thread i started....but i really do think she moved on from that type of life...she shows me everyday she is trying and i can see that she is. i also think that when she came out to me about her past she just let me have it all so no i dont think she has anymore secrets to tell me....and me myself has had 7 partners before her. she once told me about how she dd have clamdia and sh got it all cleaned up now but yes i think it wold be a good idea to o gt cecked out about it. thx everyone for there post also
  9. sit i still talk to my ex's all the time over the internet and my gf doesnt get jealous or mad. i think the reason i do tht is because when sumtimes i just need a fried or to talk to sum1 tha knows me better than i know myself and when ur gf just wont do becuz we all know that the ones we love wont always be brutally honest cuz they dont want to see u hurt. But i would never ever leave my gf for my old ex's its just that they are good to talk to sumtimes when ur in need of help and need opions
  10. yes i kinda think its alot to and only like 3 are from dating..... her past really dont help though im not using it as an excuse but i am taking it into acount
  11. well i am her bf and i love her very much and i see whats on the inside its just that she always told me she only had 7 partners and then se told me it was really 10 and idk it was just buggin me a bit
  12. yes i know that she did not tell me cuz se dint want to loose me and cuz she prob dint want me to judge her ...but isnt that a little selfish
  13. well to start she used to watch her dad beat her mom so he left when she was very young and i know not having a dad is a big part...her mom has never told her she loves her.....she says tat she had sex to feel loved or that they would hopefully fall in love with her
  14. she lost her virginity at 15 but has also had a very troubled past
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