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  1. Yeah, you're right. I don't want to be THAT gf that was psycho. Lord knows he's already had her. And now that I'm here... I'm trying to prove that he HASN'T made a mistake. THanks for all your help!
  2. Yes and no that I feel that when she sends emails... regardless of their content, I feel threatened. It just makes me wonder if her husband even knows... to me, it's just disrespectful to both relationships. I will be honest and say that I wish I didn't delete the email because of obvious reasons but also because I'd like to have seen what he might have said to her. I mean, he never got a chance to tell her that he'd rather the conversing end due to having respect for me since it bothered me so much. Who knows what he would have said but the more I think about it, it drives me nuts! I me
  3. I got to thinking about something last night. My bf of 3 years and I have had a pretty great relationship if I do say so myself. His ex-gf that is married and a mother finds it necessary to email my bf to "see how things are". I told him about 6 months ago how I felt about them conversing and he told me that if it would make me feel better and help our relationship, he'd stop. So at that time, I had never seen an email from her since August... the day last being August 8th. Yesterday was Feb 8th... exactly 6 months since the last time they spoke. As I sat there and thought about it... la
  4. After reading all your replies, you guys may be right. It was just something I heard on the radio as an appearance they were holding where single people would take their items from past relationships and burn them in this huge bonfire they planned on having... because many believe V-Day is a hallmark holiday. I thought about applying it to my relationship but I guess if it hasn't been a problem in the past, why should it be now, right? thanks you guys. You may have just saved me from a huge mistake.
  5. What if I were to bring it up nonchalantly as it being an idea I heard on the radio (since that's really where I did hear it) and seeing what his opinion was about it? I would think that that wouldn't be coming off as being jealous or controlling but more of getting his opinion (and of course hoping that he'd say sure and partake).
  6. I am thinking about asking my boyfriend of 3 years to partake in something that I think would benefit both him and I and our relationship. I am wanting to gather all of our things from past relationships that he and I have been in and burn/trash them... kind of like a clean slate. I don't know why we haven't done this before but this is something I have thought about for a while and think that this would be the perfect time now that Valentine's Day is near. Would you do so if your significant other asked you to do so or would you find it offensive/insulting? I'm talking about letters, card
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