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    Olivia Sanders

    Don't Give Up Just Yet: How To Move On After A Dramatic Breakup

    Breaking up can be a tough and confusing experience, especially when it's a dramatic one. No matter the reason for the split, it can drain you emotionally and bring on a range of painful emotions like sorrow, guilt, and regret. But it doesn't mean you should give up hope!

    It’s important not to feel ashamed or embarrassed about what has happened in your relationship. The fact is, many relationships end in breakup because some things just don't work out, no matter how much we wish they could. You both gave it your best shot and that’s all that anyone can ask of you. It takes courage to let go when it’s clear something isn’t meant to last.

    Moving on after a dramatic breakup can prove challenging. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and need time to heal before taking concrete steps to move forward with your life. Despite feeling the urge to stay in bed and hide from the world, try to actively push yourself to take part in activities and seek out people who bring you joy and peace. Doing things that lift your spirit will offer a welcome distraction as well as help build your confidence.

    Attached emotions can keep you stuck in the past. Take time to write down your feelings and thoughts surrounding the breakup. By expressing yourself on paper, you can work through understanding the situation better and help make sense of it all. Understanding why things did not work out will ultimately help you put an end to feelings of insecurity or worthlessness. Everybody is human and nobody is perfect.

    On the other hand, don’t linger too long in nostalgic thinking by talking or spending time with your ex. Resist the temptation to text them. Divert your focus; remember, closure will come in its own time. If needed, set boundaries by deleting your ex’s contact information and notifying mutual friends not to bring them up. Allow yourself to feel but know that it won’t last forever.

    Reconnecting with yourself is an important step in healing. Practice self-care by eating mindfully, drinking plenty of water, and participating in physical activity. Taking care of our bodies and minds allows for the best environment to begin rebuilding lost happy moments. Spend time focusing on the positive aspects of your life and fill your thoughts with encourages messages.

    Speak to family and friends who understand what you’re going through. Get cozy and confide in them. Sharing stories can be a good distraction as well as provide helpful insights. Developing a support network will also give you someone to turn to when times are hard.

    Lastly, take risks, leap into the unknown, and invest in yourself. Leave behind your comfort zone and apprehensions, and try doing something unusual. This could consist of a spiritual retreat, traveling abroad, joining a club, enrolling in a class, or pursuing a dream job. Try everything! You become what you create.

    Acknowledge the pain, but do not stay stuck in it. Everyone deserves to be happy, you included. Don’t focus on the doubts and negative feelings; find the silver lining, and never forget that you are worthy. It’s time to create a promising new path before taking a step into the future.

    Take the time to process, understand the situation, forgive, and above all, believe in yourself. Don’t give up just yet.

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