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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    The Terrible Consequences of Lacking Guidance on Life Choices

    It's a sad but all too real dilemma for many young adults. Without wise guidance, and a supportive network of trusted adults to help them navigate the challenges that come with adulthood, their hopes and dreams become hazy. Trouble soon follows in the form of reckless decisions, poor lifestyle choices, and unhealthy relationships. The consequences of not having wise elders and mentors to lead the way are dire and can have lasting, detrimental effects.

    The road from late adolescence to mature adulthood is full of challenges. Though they may feel ready to face it alone, often times they need guardians and reliable companions by their side to honourably guide them and show them how to achieve right balance. Without these important relationships, young adults tend to fill the gap with damaging habits and reckless behaviour.

    This dangerous combination of freedom, emotion and ambition can be overwhelming, leading to compromised decisions and choices rooted in impulsive lifestyle habits. They become so invigorated by their newfound independence and feelings of autonomy that they fail to recognize the importance of discipline and moderation. Oftentimes, the riskier the choice or adventure the more desirable it becomes to young adults, which has led to numerous broken hearts, shattered dreams, and wasted potential.

    Sometimes these poor choices are nothing more than misguided attempts at self-expression, exploration, and experimentation. Other times, however, they're a way of masking human pain. Regardless of their intention, these ill-advised decisions could lead to long term consequences such as financial debt, emotional trauma, physical harm, and addiction.

    Loneliness and isolation can contribute to this downward spiral, as the support of trusted adults is an integral element when navigating life choices like education, career, finance, relationships, and mental wellbeing. When young adults are deprived of this guidance, there's a much greater chance that they'll make mistakes that could haunt them for years or even decades.

    Without trusted adults by our sides to remind us of our highest potential, young adults could easily succumb to various forms of despair and give up on their lifelong dreams and aspirations.

    Despite all of these potential outcomes, there is still hope for young adults who find themselves in untamed waters. By investing in your future and breaking away from destructive life habits, you can start down the path to fulfillment. Building relationships with trustworthy mentors, seeking out inspiring people to learn from, and utilizing outlets of creative expression are great ways to promote personal growth and create a sense of security.

    Life can be unforgiving and unpredictable at times, but with a little guidance and plenty of perseverance, the world is your oyster. A fulfilled life is within reach, so long as young adults are armed with good knowledge, grounded self-confidence, and relationships formed with those older and wiser.

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