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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Sense and Nonsense: Navigating Your Life's Choices

    It can be hard to make sense of the choices presented to you in life. From relationships and career opportunities to friendships and money issues, the way things play out can often seem baffling and nonsensical. The path ahead may seem fogged and unclear, and it may be tempting to give up or choose the safe option, but understanding how to make alternate decisions can help you unclutter your thoughts and see a way forward. In this article we'll explore some ways to make sense of the puzzles presented by the decisions we face, so that you can choose the right course for your own life.

    One of the most powerful tools at our disposal is logic. Even when the circumstances around us seem perplexing, logical reasoning can help us reframe what's happening, break big problems down into smaller, manageable chunks, and even gain an alternate perspective on the situation. When life's choices seem overwhelming, it can be helpful step back and examine the facts, take some time for introspection, and even write out the pros and cons of each decision. This will create clarity, allowing you to answer the hard questions: Is this choice going to bring me happiness? Is it going to benefit me in the long run? Thinking through your options in this reasoned manner can help you make the best choice for yourself.

    Sometimes, though, the answers don't appear no matter how hard you search. You may find yourself thinking in circles and getting stuck in loops of despair as you try to make sense of your life. At these times a different approach is necessary. Rather than obsessing over the 'right' choice, you can begin to tap into your intuition instead. This inner knowing is essentially an unconscious awareness of what is right - something innate and unseen, separate from the constrictions of logic. Allowing yourself to trust your instincts and make decisions based on your feelings can help you free yourself from indecision and break through obstacles. Learning to listen to your intuition takes time and practice, but it is worth it in the long run.

    You may also wish to look outside yourself for answers to your questions. Throughout human history people have sought spiritual guidance from sources such as religion and astrology. Whether providing a sense of order, helping define a purpose, or channeling creative thought, having a trusted guide can be a great aid during difficult times. Such support can offer comfort and clarity, acting as a sounding board for questions about your life and its direction. For example, if you are struggling to choose between two career paths, asking a spiritual figure or leader for advice will help expand your viewpoints and see solutions which you may have overlooked.

    It's our own life choices which will truly shape our destinies. It's important to remember that although life may not always make sense, it's important to stay the course and keep pushing forwards when our faith is tested. By combining elements of logic, intuition and spirituality, we can make sense of the puzzles around us and move forward confidently into the next phase of our lives.

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