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Few questions


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1) Can a girl really like you (tell you she likes you, email, txt, etc) and then suddenly loose interest when she gets to know you?


2)Goint fishing as a date idea with me preparing lunch for us. I was told that this might not be the best idea. Any thoughts?


3) there was miss understanding, I told her that I was the same age (will be in a few months) as her on our first date, later realizing that I am actually younger than her. I know I gotta tell her, but she had told me that she does not like younger guys. I know that if she is mature she would understnad, but what do you think?



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Yes, it is VERY possible in the initial stages of dating that someone just "loses interest". And as far as the date, I think fishing is cute and romantic. But then again, I come from a family of people who fish (I even bait my own hook, haha). If she's outdoorsy she might love it. If she's a princess? Likely not.


As far as the age, if you're talking MONTHS here it's no big deal! When a woman says she doesn't date younger men, it's saying that she wouldn't date a 25-year-old, say. And we generally don't date younger men because we want to be with someone who's in the same place as us in life and emotionally.

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