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This is getting frustrating. This deep type of depression hits me once in a while, but when it hits it hits very very hard. I cry, have no motivation to do anything and I don't see the point in living. But just a few hours before this I felt fine, actually very very happy. My moods go to extremes like this. I think I said this last time too. Problem is this time I have three papers to write and this depression swinging in doesn't help. Any suggestions for what to do?

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You could run or do some sort of strenuous exercise for an hour and take a hot shower, if you can spare the time. You can also talk to yourself to get psyched up, by counting your blessings.

If it hits you with some regularity, you should get help for it when it's not an immediate problem, but you know that.

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Hey There!!!

I can totalllllly relate to what you're going through. I suffer from depression to. I know what you mean about going up and down.

I really think that there are triggers. I think maybe we, people, don't always know what they are, but I think something pushes us back to that state.

Hang in there I know it's hard. Espicially with school. I mean I felt I would never finish my classes. Rough.

But you hang in there. It will be okay. Good times will come again. Just breathe. Cry (although I understand, I hate crying).

It'll pass.

I felt just the way you do a few days ago, and today was a really good day. I felt so happy.

Please don't give up, you're not in it alone. At least you know there's one other person that's going through the same thing.

Lots of love your way.

You're going to make it.

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Thanks for the encouraging words and help. I've been crying for most of the time since i wrote that message. This happened just a few days ago and my eyes are sore from crying so often.


I try to count my blessings, I really do. I know that there are others in situations much worse than the one I'm in. But it just never stays in my mind long enough. It sinks back down again after a few minutes.


I really hope things will get better. Seems like everytime it hits its hitting harder. It's only the past few times when I've really felt like there was no hope and didn't see the point of living. It scares me.

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I feel a bit better today. I was a mess last night and cried so much my eyes were puffy all day today. It's just too much stress. My mum says I should see a psychiatrist or a doctor about these mood swings. I already told my doctor about them last time I got like this and she said to try taking the pill. Anyone go on the pill to help keep their mood stable?

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Dako is right.. you have to work on this first. Find something you want to do or have in life.


When you have this goal set you know everything will start to fall in place.


You are intelligent enough to realise this, so take action NOW! You can have everything in life, just have your goal(s) set. Reflect about yourself, talk about yourself with someone who listens and doesn't judge you.

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i suffer from the same thing, extreme mood swings. during depressive times, i go to the gym religiously for an hour to two hours. It really helps me. Especially with the endorphine release you get after a workout. I tend to feel a lot better afterwards & able to push myself better. Perhaps you should try it.

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