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  1. Hey guy, I just wanted to add that I've not been completely honest with you and perhaps some other people I advised here. Although the meditations have opened me up to experiencing levels of peace beyond my imagination, I have not been practicing regularly since having these experiences and so I stopped channeling this peace. Laziness struck me and I'm still recovering from that. I'm not happy, rather I appreciate what I have accomplished and I'm very hopeful for the future. Hang in there.. I understand your pain.
  2. No, I just do it because I have so much time to waste . Seriously, it has opened me up to levels of "love & light" that I could not even imagine that they existed in this world.
  3. I could be the president of the USA, it doesn't really matter. There's no-one with a ready made solution for your specific situation. Take what you can get. I have mainly been working with a spiritual system for my own development and without a doubt it has helped me. If you feel drawn to what I talk about and you'd like a more in depth explanation of things, go to link removed and/or send me a message. edit: I'd like to add to my previous post that I believe it's equally important to return to self-nurturing emotions/experiences.
  4. Sort of! I would recommend meditation and being more mindful about your thoughts and actions. Whatever arises in your head, observe it and let it run it's course like you said. Don't judge it, just let it exist and play out it's role. Even if you judge, observe this as well. Doing this creates a deeper communication with your "background processing power" so to speak. Communication is the practice of understanding and through understanding you create peace. This is how the barrier between pain and peace with what is dissolves.
  5. Sitting in your pain and observing it objectively is IMO the best way to get rid of self-limiting beliefs. Anything else will work as well eventually, but the beliefs will still be there, pushed deeper away, hidden in the darkest corners of your being. Bring light to the darkness by communicating with it. Dissolve the attachments and you'll start to feel lighter. This is not mumbo-jumbo talk, I know this to be true from experience and want to share it with all those whom are suffering badly.
  6. To me it appears that fighting all your "crap" is your main problem. I recognize this in a lot of depressed people posting here and I certainly can relate! Just the thought of escaping from all those horrible experiences and certain limiting beliefs in this moment, in the here and now.. it's exactly that what keeps you from freedom. Talking yourself down on this forum deepens the attachment to "wanting to be free right now". Please think about it guy!
  7. If anybody cares to know. Hypnosis didn't work for me. It wasn't really hypnosis what she tried with me, she put me in a trancelike state, deeply relaxed & I had to visualise lots of things like for instance I'm standing on a beach, lying in a chair..... finally ending up in a hallway with lots of doors. I had to enter a door for example while keeping one question in mind... All interesting stuff really, but when it came to contacting my spirit guides I failed. Actually I have lost faith almost completely right now because of that session (a while back actually). So I'm quite lost on the subject of religion and stuff.. But, at least I have got some goals set for 2007 and am sure I will do better from now on.. & would like to recommend everyone in here the movie "The Secret: Law of Attraction" I saw it today and thought it was quite inspiring, better than some book I read a while ago handling the same subject.. Best wishes to everyone!
  8. Did anyone mention erasing memories as a solution? I don't think so. Obviously you are not so very good informed about the therapy. Search google & learn .
  9. to be honest guys, this site looks like a bit overcommercialised.. if you search there are far better ones out there! search google for 'neuro programmer' and judge for yourself, you can download a trial and read the documentation with lots of useful hints/tips in general for your life.. even ask questions on the forum for free, to me at least it has been a helpfull site since this year..
  10. Hey, back again. Today I went to the hypnotherapist, I was very skeptical towards her 'professionalism' at first. But after talking a bit it was like -wow-. I have been to a psychiatrist a couple of months ago & even though that was interesting, bit of helpful... but this was just so much better. She could really see through me. Nothing like the psychiatrist. I'm not saying psychiatrist are not capable of healing, but for me this was really for the better. She is really going to help me. I'm not going to explain in detail, but at the moment (since today) I'm taking 'passiflora complex' for releasing the stress and nervosity. Next session will give me the oppertunity to tell/write on paper what I really want to have changed in my life, in order to destroy my wall of stress & let my true potential develop. The session after that one (near Christmas) she will get to the point of hypnotising me. I'm still a bit skeptical about this part of the proces, but I really trust this woman. I'll keep you guys updated. Bye.
  11. Thanks DJ74, although I really want to believe otherwise I just don't believe I will meet someone better. She was the perfect girl for me, I screwed up and I will have to live with the consequences. She really was perfect & I'm not recreating this relationship inside my head like it would be so much better than it really was in reality.
  12. @deejay74 I'm glad I'm not the only one then. It's good to hear you are doing better, although I don't really believe for me the thoughts will ever stop. Psychotherapy, I haven't really read up about it, but like you describe it.. I am quite sure I already know the reasons behind why I am the person I am today. It's not that it's going to get me out my current situation. I might be a bit obsessed with my ex, I was with her for 2.5 years since my 16th bday. I have never had another gf! She became a part of me. I love her and always will, she was the only one who could understand me, the one were I felt connected to at all possible levels of life (I'm almost crying right now because I know it's true and this will never change). Hypnotherapy, if I understand it correctly is being used by the therapist to get you in the state of extreme susceptibility. Then by means of suggestions your subconscious mind will be influenced to actually delete the things that's keeping you from functioning normally. I will post my experiences soon, good or bad.
  13. Thanks, actually your empathy really gives me the impression I'm doing a bit better already! & about the cancer of your mother.. I could give you some more advice on a treatment if you would like that. No I don't consider myself being a doctor, but from personal experience and the fact that your mother seems to be into more alternative ways of treatment she could give it a try. PM me if you're interested.
  14. Cool. Though the fact that she still has to go is worrying me a bit. Can't she be programmed to just always think positive? Do the effects wear off after a while? Very true. It's just that it's all too deep for me to change it right now. I can't get myself fixed at this level of mind. (again I'm reinforcing the negativity) Yes, I remember that from your posts. I do understand what you're saying, although it just doesn't become reality to me. I'm living in the past with hope for the future! It's horrible. Every day seems like a re-run of my worst nightmare, but only when I think about the fact that I lost the most important person in the world to me. There are lots of times I'm feeling good, having fun. But once my mind wanders of to my ex or anything at all concerning love makes me extremely sad. I hope this will change by going into hypnotherapy. btw, best wishes for your mother's health!
  15. Hi again, a little update about my situation. 4 weeks ago I was still posting in the suicide section of this site. School sucked + my ex was still eating out my heart. Things were really getting out of control, but somehow I got a little better (again). I changed course at school and now I actually feel like being useful to this world, as a consequence most suicidethoughts are silenced now. I still feel like an emotional wreck and it's starting to get worse again. I feel hopeless/lonely. I will never get her out of my mind, never. I love her to death & can't stop thinking about her. There hasn't been even ONE day I haven't thought about her since the breakup that was 7/8 months ago. Within a few weeks I'm planning to go to a hypnotherapist. This is my last chance for getting better. I've got some hope left, but I'm afraid I'm going to fail my exams. My motivation is starting to diminish, I'm doubting I can make a difference in this world. I'm also doubting the use of struggling my way out of this. I think I've lost the battle. Things will never chang for me if this therapist can't help me. Is there anyone with some personal experience to hypnosis? I need some more hope. Thanks.
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