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Was it too bold??


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So... A couple of months ago I was arriving to the grocery store and saw a guy in a truck parking at the same time. He glanced at me and I glanced at him. Our eyes met one more time before I went into the store.


He was *beautiful*, asian with long hair and the softest expression. His clothes were super casual, wearing boots with these beautiful tattoos. He was just beautiful. In the store he came nearby and our eyes met a few times. A couple of times by the deli and then by the yogurt. I was just getting a few things for my lunch break, he looked like he was doing more shopping.... So that was it. I thought about just leaving a little note on his car just saying "beautiful" cause wow, he was. But I didn't cause he had a pitbull in his car and I didn't want to upset the dog or anything.


So, I left.


That was it.


Then, I went into my friendster account last night and you can see who was looking at your profile. I was just flipping through them, and low and behold! There he was! I couldn't believe it, just as gorgeous as I remembered him, with pics of his dog and everything... So I left a comment on his page just saying "fancy finding you by the cheese at (name of grocery store). I was just tooling around on line and got an email from him within ten minutes (must have been online at the same time) and he said something about sending sleepy smiles from dog and kitty kingdom. oh, it melted me, I wrote him back something about the store and going to bed and he wrote back, but I didn't get his email til this morning before I left to work.


I said something to the effect of "I don't know if you remember me, but I do remember you. When I saw you I was like... wow, beautiful! Do you have a nose ring? I thought I spotted something shiny"

And that was it...

He didn't write me back...


I mean, I don't know what he would possibly respond really and it was just this morning, but do you think that was just too over the top?? I have an uncanny ability to be frightfully honest by email...

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I think it's fine if what you wanted to do was express how hot you thought he was- sounds like you are focused on his looks to the exclusion of anything else and that may be the impression he got from your e-mail - which may or may not appeal to him.

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Hmm... yes, I was worried about that... But it's not that he's hot.. it's that he is beautiful... there is something about him internal that makes him beautiful... but maybe i'm just a romantic, and I could totally see how he'd take it that way... We may not have that much in common, but I feel like I would dig hanging out with him. Any way to repair or just leave it?

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You don't know him internally and he knows that you don't know him internally - he is a complete stranger you were attracted to and it sounds like you are reading into his type of features that somehow he has a certain depth (you might be right - he might have depth or be "beautiful" inside but you have no idea, and he knows that). If you wanted to get to know him internally you would have expressed that in your e-mail. I would say that the ball is in his court. If you want to e-mail and explain that you would like to get to know him you could but I doubt he will respond.

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way to go rain. a lost of single women complain because they never say anything because they are too chicken. lose lots of opportunities. you are lucky you did find him online, otherwise you would have lost this opportunity probably forever. unless you sat in front of the store.


the beautiful comment, i hate when women say that i'm beautiful, pretty, or cute. it just doesn't sound manly. maybe that's why he didn't like it.


batya, i think she did fine commenting on his looks. it is really all she had to go on thus far.

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