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Issue number 1:

My boyfriend and i have known eachother for 8 months and are in a long distance relationship. From the first time we spoke we had a "connection" and although we have a few small fights we usually get on really well. I think the world of him. We dont get to see eachother that often but talk every day at least once on the phone. He's has a very high sex drive it appears and constantly acts upon it when talking to me. When we do see eachother he's very "physical" which i understand because there's long periods of time between seeing eachother, but sometimes it would be nice to just have a bit of quiet time to ourselves without doing any of the physical stuff. It's the same on the phone and that's something i just dont feel comfortable with. He's aware of it and sometimes stops but i feel like a prude stopping him all the time. It's not like i haven't told him because i have, but he continues just dropping it in like normal conversation! I dont really know what to do.


Issue number 2 and completely unrelated:

Before we were "officially" together, he went out one night and kissed another girl. He admitted it straight away to me the next morning and greatly regretted it. He has made SUCH a big issue about cheating before this as he was severely cheated on in a past relationship that ended very badly for him. That's why i think i reserved the right to be a little pissed after all his high and mighty talks on cheating that he does it himself, even if it is only a kiss. Anyway, after a few days things were back to normal and sorted. But i now have trust issues that i didn't before. And almost his mistrust in me kinda triggers me to lose trust in him. I know he would never do anything to hurt me but still when he disappears without calling or goes out to a club i get really hung up on it and sit for hours wondering if he's with someone else. for example, i'm wondering right now what he's doing as he hasn't called all day and isn't anywhere to be seen. It's paranoia i know, but i cant really help it, especially as i know none of his friends personally.


Advice on either of these would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Basically he has sexual urges that aren't forfilled and is why he could become frustrated. Now if you wouldn't get any food for a few days you'd be sure to be agitated, for him not getting any for months!, that just kills a guy no matter what you say think or feel about that, its just that a guy is designed to have sex with woman, so after this desire is forfilled, if you ask him then for some quality time together then it might work out, but not the other way around.


But basically if i where you id get another bf, you don't trust him anymore , it would take time to trust him again, but it could also be rewarded with more cheating in the future. So its up to you on wether you'd want to give him another chance or not, personally i wouldn't.

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