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Help!! Need info about AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I'm freaking out my bf had unprotected sex with this slutty girl before we met. They only did it one time plus I also heard it's harder for males to get it from the female than the female from the male are his chances less? he got tested friday but the results take FOREVER!!! i'm making myself sick and depressed. I've been googling AIDS for hours and the info just makes me worse he also got shingles and a swollen lymph node, that's why I'm freaking out too. mainly I want to know if anyone knows how low his risk is since it was one time only and from a female. PLEASE help!!!

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Yes the chances are less, you most likely are fine, and yes you need to get retested in 6 months where you and your boyfriend have not had sexual contact in those 6 months because it takes that amount of time for the test to be accurate.


When did he tell you this - right away, I hope? Did you have unprotected sex with him?

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Hi Yvette,


There is always a risk, and as Batya said, you should get tested. That said - I think that you're probably one of the 'well worried', as they call them. I don't think you're especially high risk on any of the counts (Anal sex, not even penetrative sex!, intravenous drug use etc)


I mean, I know theoretically you can catch HIV through oral sex, but one site says "There are no proven cases of individual people catching HIV from oral sex". AND there is no evidence that your boyfriend has HIV, or the girl before him.


I think you should get checked, and always be safe from now on. But I would put good money on the fact that you're absolutely safe from HIV.

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Yes the chances are less, you most likely are fine, and yes you need to get retested in 6 months where you and your boyfriend have not had sexual contact in those 6 months because it takes that amount of time for the test to be accurate.



No, that's not right:


a) it only needs to be six months after both of them had sex with someone else, not six months from now. If neither of them is infected with anything six months after they last had sex with someone else, they are not going to catch anything from one another in the coming six months either. They should use protection until it's been six months since whichever one of them last had sex with someone else though.


b) in many tests these days it is only three months, they should ask at the clinic where he got tested - if it's three, replace "six" with "three" in all instances in above statement.


Yvette, honey, you really are in a VERY low-risk group: a doctor recently didn't want to even test a friend of mine with the same kind of background, because the doctor thought it was so incredibly unlikely that she had anything it wasn't worth the worry of waiting for the results. my friend really had to strongly insist to get the test. (I think the doctor was a bit of an idiot for not helping people who are trying to be responsible and make absolutely sure they're okay, but it is an indicator of how low-risk my friend and you are)


Other STDs are far more common than HIV, and people with HIV are very likely to have other STDs. While it is possible for STDs not to show any symptoms, it is a good sign that neither you nor your boyfriend have had any symptoms of other STDs. Assuming the girl your boyfriend slept with would have the decency to let him know if she found out she had any kind of STD, it seems neither she nor any of her other partners have anything that they know of.


As i and many others already told you in your shingles thread, it happens quite frequently that young people get shingles when there is nothing else wrong with them. When i had shingles they never even brought up getting an HIV test.


If I were you, i would stop looking up info: I'm sure you can find plenty of symptoms in both yourself and your boyfriend if you're so scared. I'm sure i could find a number of symptoms of a brain tumour in myself right now if I convinced myself I have one. Every little ache and pain you've had recently, every time you were tired, every time you had a cold... for all of those things you can convince yourself it was a symptom, even though you've been having aches, pains and colds your whole life. You'll drive yourself nuts... you ARE driving yourself nuts, you've started multiple threads on this in a couple of days time.


Over here, there are special clinics where you can get results in one day: if there is anything like that where you are, I would go and get yourself tested there. It's probably more expensive than elsewhere, but at east you'll know.


most likely hon, you'll be fine. Hang in there till you have the results.



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Yeah, it's more likely that he has the shingles because he had chickepox. I've had the shingles, and believe me, I do not have AIDS.


You need to take a step back, a deep breath and stop googling. You are only feeding into your fears about the situation and all you will do is stress yourself.


Also, the girl has done nothing wrong (other than have unprotected sex) and your bf chose to have unprotected sex with her.

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Hey girl,


I can totally relate to your anxiety, having been there for a long time. I can tell you from what I read in your messages that your chance of having hiv/aids is close to ZERO.


First of all, him getting it from a girl from a one time is a small risk. It's a risk, but not a big one. It depends on the girl really (having sex with an addicted prostitute would mean a higher risk than the average girl someone meets on a party, but of course you don't know her history).


Second of you, to get hiv from oral is low risk. Saliva (and also the fluid of your tears) contains immunoglubolines-- which can attack the membranes of the pathogenes, or coat the pathway to immune cells (opsonin)-- link removed


Anyway, that's a bit technical but I think you get the picture. Infection by oral sex may take place if you have open wounds in the mouth that are bleeding/bloody.


As for other infections, in order for an infection to take place, you need a certain amount of the virus in your body. This means that even IF the unlikely would be the case and your bf would be infected, that chance that your contact with him would lead to an infection from a single contact is very small (the more unprotected events with an infected person, the higher the risk, you may say). But you don't know if SHE was infected, you are waiting for his results still.


I DOUBT that you have reason to worry, but believe me I know how you feel. I have been there for a long time, and I sympathize. I finally got tested this September and I was negative on all accounts. No hiv, no nothing. Ugh, only one unsafe incident. Enough to make me very conscious of sex for ever!


If you need to talk girl, please feel free to pm me anytime





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