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I want to go back to the town my ex lives in

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My ex and I broke up just over six months ago, and long story short we cut all contact two months ago and that's how I intend things to stay. She cheated on me, if it makes any difference to anything.


We live fairly far apart, about an hour and a half by train. So it's not like I have any chance of bumping into her. However, her home town has made its impression on my memory. It's a very well known town in England and I haven't been there since August (when we broke up).


Last month, I had to go to a nearby city to set up a job abroad. Strangely enough, the building I had to go to was on a street I used to walk down everytime I visited my ex and it was the one particular building I always wanted to go in.


When I was there, I found myself wanting to go back to her hometown (I was literally 3/4 of the journey there). I didn't though.


In a week or two, I have to go back to the same place. And I feel like I should go back to her hometown this time. I'm not entirely sure why. I'm leaving the country in just under three months and I want to leave without regrets or outstanding problems, and I guess maybe I feel like going back there - even for just an hour or two - will help me "come to terms" with things, for lack of a better term. Just to see the old spots, give the place a final memory in my mind.


I don't want to see her, if I do I'll get out of there quickly, but the chances are very low. I would be with my friend too, who has never been there.


So what do people think of this?

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