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Didn't do anything today...feel sorta guilty

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I guess I sorta needed a day off....I can't get myself to study as much as I know I should. Also because it was a snow day (majorly bad weather) I couldn't make it out to the library and it's really hard for me to study at home. So I literally did no readings, and yet I have a million thigns to catch up on.


Has anyone ever done this before as well? I just feel guilty but at the same time detached because i don't care that much... like i feel bad, but sorta 'whatever'....a bit worried...

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That's what we get when we procrastinate. Feeling even more painful than doing the homework itself. I understand where you come from, but I don't want to identify with it either.


do you live in campus or at home? Do you drive? If so, i suggest you go to 24/7 restaurants and just study there when libraries aren't available. Those are very good places to resort to, especially since libraries limits you from studying more since it closes at certain time.

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