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Good riddance


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It is amazing what can happen when you just turn the TV and computer off and open a book. In the world that we live in today, television is a way of life, and the computer seems to be the source for everything; so many people are dependent on them. But there is so much more than can be done away from both. You just have to get away from the media and everything 21st century and spent some quality time reading a good book, or going for a walk. There is something about taking up those kinds of activities every now and then that are timeless. And hey, if you are someone who doesn't like to read, you may end up enjoying reading if you can get into the position of being in solitude.

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I agree with you easyguy. However, with the number of posts in the Book Talk section of the general forum here at ENA being so miniscule (for example), I tend to believe that reading for fun is dying out. The total number of posts in "Book Talk" added together only comes to a fraction of, say, a single thread like "What's the Last Thing You Ate?" in a forum such as Off Topic.


Maybe people are so consumed with reading that they have no time to share their passion and thoughts for it. But I doubt it.


I worked at a Barnes and Noble in a previous job and we sold a lot of coffee, CDs, and DVDs. But not a lot of books. I happen to cherish reading. But it's sometimes frustrating to not be able to share that interest with lots of people.


Well, got to go. My hypocrite butt is gonna go watch The Color of Money.

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I gave up my computer a few months ago, for a few weeks and it felt really great. Okay, the first day or two were weird as i had to form new habits. But, to be honest, i feel better when i don't have a computer. I have one now, but i try not to use it so much.


But thanks for the thoughts. You've reminded me of how i used to go for drives into the country, by myself, and just lie down on the grass.

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I myself hate television for the most part. Some things are good yes like documentaries and sitcoms as I have a lot of interest in shows like Lost and Smallville but there is alot to be said about most of the rest of it.


I always felt that a good portion of the problems in society are not in any way lightened by broadcast journalism.


The church burnings that were taking place a few years ago are one example. Once the first one burned there were copycat burnings in different states accross the US and it turned into a semi epidemic. Had the news not made such a huge issue out of it I feel that the copycat burnings would have never taken place.


Other examples:


Serial Killers



Affairs and Divorces involving celebrities


I feel all the above topics have started to become "trendy" to the people that have witness it in the news.

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