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I am in love with my fiance, but I am not too thrilled about a few of his friends. I call them the bore core, but they are also boorish. They have made me feel badly on many occasions and I just do not want them in my life any longer. this is where the problem comes in, if i dont hang around them anymore I will miss out on a lot of the fun places they go. I don't dislike all his friends just two. BUT I REALLY DISLIKE THEM! One of his friends actually had a crush on me and people say he may harbor resentments I didn't like him. Non the less, i just want to deal with this, how can I hang with everyone else and not let them bother me. I have already told them off on several occasions. i feel like a mean person around them, but i really am not. Wasn't drama supposed to st op in high school??lol

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Wasn't drama supposed to st op in high school??lol


I wish..


Everyone will have to deal with drama throughout their whole lives. Some of us have grown out of that stage and want nothing to do with it, but some of us never will and will create drama wherever they go.


The best advice I can give, which probably won't help is that you just have to ignore them. I have a few "friends" who really get to me, and sometimes I just have to deal with them if I want to go out with my friends and they are there too.


It's annoying that there probably isn't much more that you can do about it. You just have to try to not let them being there ruin your fun because it's either that or not go.


What exactly do they do? Like, do they like pick on you, or are they disrespectful towards you?

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Well they are patronizing, condescending, impolite and somewhat snobbish. Now if you saw and heard these characters you would say how do they think they can act this way. For instance, a long time ago we were all at dinner. I live in New Orleans so "krewes" which run the parades are an old tradition. Some have elaborate balls to celebrate as well. Well one of the guys needed a date so his friend brought him one from Jersey. All was well until they found out she was black. They were talking about how he could not go with her and all this s t uff. I am from a place where racial lines are not cut deep,so i was horrified and voiced it. they turn to me and are like "sweetie, you just don't understand." Yeah I don't understand, I thought this was the 2000's and not the 50's..lol. They exclude certain people out of certain activities, just talk down a lot to me, act as if I am crazy when I say certain stuff. I would actually think I was crazy maybe if the rest of the free world told me I wasn't and it was them. Basically just thinking they are holier than thou, and trust me, they aren't. I guess the problem is I am used to cool people with open mind who are fun. I feel like I am at the bottle of the barrel in a cheap wine bought at the quickie-mart.

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And your friends are actually ok with hanging out with people like that? That's what I don't understand.


I *used* to know somebody that was friends with my friends who was the rudest person in the world. He was kind of like the people you describe. The only issue was that my friends always had him around, so if I ever wanted to see them, I had to put up with this other person.


I don't know how I got through it. And really, I don't even know why they liked this person. But rude jerky people do exist and sometimes we have no choice but to associate ourselves with them.


Do your other friends actually like laugh at his jokes and rudeness, or are they annoyed by this person as well?

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