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does he like me..scared to tell?

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I have know Jason for atleast 4-5 years but we willnt didnt talk. He use to go out with 1 of my friends. I dont talk to her anymore. But I did know Jason from school he was like senior and we were freshmen and he didnt like me. Well then I got job and shocking i starting working with jason mom. and she starting to do my nails and all that stuff he knew i was over there and all but never said anything. then it was time for him to leave the marines well before he did his girlfriend cheated on him and it was over. well he was in the marines 4 years including the war. well during that time his mom found boyfriend and end up having baby which she is 3 now. i been over there like every couple of weeks off and on. well the last two times i been there. it seems like there is connection between us. he always joking around with me. he does make eye contract and sometimes when i look at him he still is but i turn away. his little sister loves me. and so thats other way he can get my attention if we (me, jason, and his sister) is in the living room and i am trying to sleep he tells her nicole is sleeping wake her up. stuff like that.. i am realizing that i do have feelings for him. but the problem is that we arent like really friends i am ya when i am up there ya he in the room with me and all but i dont know like his cell phone number or when he is going out or somethijng he doesnt ask if i like to go along too. his mom did tell me that there was chance his cuz judy was coming up and he hates her and his mom said that if she does come up they wouldnt see jason at all bc he willnt be home bc he doesnt like her and she said if he was home he would stay in his room and willnt come out. but with me he is in the room with me and watch movies with me. he went out the 1 day and came back with 2 subway sandwhiches and he ate 1 but before he was leaving again he said hey there is e-tra sandwhich if u want it u can...but then later on that day his mom told me was that nice of jason getting me sandwhich from subway i guess when i said i wasnt hurgeny he told his mom he got it for her. but the problem is that when he goes out every night he is seeing this girl. labor day weekend he wanted her to come over to meet his mom but the girl call at like 1:30 and she was suppose to call at noon and she said she had plans and she will call later. well does that mean she is wants booty call from him. his mom did ask jason about this girl and he said he doesnt know if he like her yet. what can i do? i really dont want to tell jason how i feel just in case he doesnt like me...his mom and boyfriend just love me... and when jason did go off for the marines richard the moms boyfriend said jason and nicole should get marry so nicole could be my daughter n law he said this to me and jason's mom....is there any connection between jason and me???? should i wait to see what happen next time i go over there...flirt more and make more eye contact. please help me




Sorry about spelling and grammer

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Hi Nicole,


Here's my take on life: You only live once!


I think you should talk to him more, and don't be afraid. The things he has done so far look promising, although it can be VERY hard to read someone else. He may have a crush on you that is still developing, and it could get stronger to a point where he'd make a move. Then again, this may not be the case. In any case, I don't think people should wait around forever to get what they feel would bring them happiness. If you are willing to accept whatever response he might give, go for it! In your case, I'd say wait a little longer, spend more time around him, continue to be friendly and learn more about him. . . But when you are ready I think it is best to be courageous and express your feelings to the person you love.

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thanks for helping me out...how long should i wait? i was just thinking do u think jason is just being nice to me bc his mom loves me like daughter too?? he is giving me mix signals...i just wonder there has to be reason why i got so close with his mom....do u think so...faith has it ways...

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